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Port Charlotte SEO ExpertsI absolutely love living in Port Charlotte, FL. People call it a little big city for good reason. We have all the amenities of a big city without all the people and the weather isn’t too bad either. In 2014 Forbes Magazine ranked the Port Charlotte area #1 in Florida for businesses and careers. We have every kind of business you could imagine, times ten. It is a very competitive market no matter what you are selling. With that being said many business owners are turning to SEO as a way to surpass their competition. These business owners know that if you are on the first page of Google for your business niche you are ahead of the game because let’s face it who really looks past the first page. SEO is not something you want to try and tackle on your own it takes an expert in SEO to get you to that first spot on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So now that you know you have to hire an SEO company to accomplish your goals let’s talk about why it is better to stay local and hire an SEO company in Port Charlotte rather than going with the bigger national SEO company.


  • Person to Person – When I hire someone I like to meet them in person. I don’t know about you but if I am going to give someone my hard earned money to work for me being able to see them helps me get a feel for who they are and quite frankly anyone can tell you anything over the phone. I think people can learn a lot by someone’s body language, handshake, appearance etc. If I can get the same quality of service from someone local that is the way I am going to go.
  • Knows the Area – Living in Port Charlotte is not like living in Boulder, Colorado. There is something to be said for hiring a Port Charlotte SEO company when your business is in Port Charlotte the local company knows the area and knows your competition so they know what it will take to make you # 1 and that is your goal.
  • Checking References – SEO is not an overnight thing. If a company promises you results in a short amount of time they are selling you swamp land. Because of the fact there are so many people in the SEO industry who do promise the world with no intention of providing results it is always good to check references and it makes it much easier to do that if the company is local. In fact, you may be familiar with some of the companies which makes it much less stressful when you hand over your hard-earned money. Please make sure you research who you hire because if SEO is not done correctly it can damage your already lacking internet presence.
  • Where Do They Stand – If you are hiring a local SEO company to boost your online presence it would be in your best interest to check out their online presence. If their company shows up on page four of Google when you search for them then please think twice about hiring them. If they cannot get their own company on page 1 what makes you think they can do it for you. THEY CAN’T!
  • Bigger Is Not Better – Your company is your baby. You will do whatever it takes to make it grow, thrive, and survive. In my experience dealing with a large company, you become just a number to them. A smaller local SEO company will give you and your baby more personalized treatment and it goes without saying that a smaller local company knows what it is like to want your business to succeed in a world where huge chain stores and restaurants are trying to push the locally owned businesses out. Word of mouth is huge when you are trying to build a local business so you both have something that the other wants, a good recommendation.
  • Every Penny Counts – When you hire a larger nationally known SEO company, know that not only are you going to become just a number but you are also going to be charged for a huge overhead. A bigger company is going to charge you a bigger price because they can. You are a small fish in a big pond and you are going to pay to swim with the big fish. Hiring a smaller local company has less overhead which in turn results in savings for the client. A larger national company has huge national clients who have an endless budget for SEO so you will be given a set price with no negotiation at all. With a smaller local Port Charlotte SEO company, the overhead is small and they will quote you a price on the work it will take to get you to # 1. With that being said please don’t take this to mean that you should go with the local company that gives you the cheapest price. Do your research.
  • Conflict of Interest – This point is self-explanatory. You do not want to deal with a huge nationally known company that also has a huge nationally known client that is in your niche. They will take your money and they will do some work for you but you will never be their top priority in your niche and chances are that big national chain will hold the # 1 spot, not you. A smaller local company makes it a point to not take on clients that are vying for the same # 1 spot. You will be their priority, not your competitor.
  • Give Back – Plain and simple support your local businesses and they will support yours. Whenever it is possible, keep your money in your community it will always come back to benefit your business.


SEO is a very important part of growing your business. A local business needs a spectacular online presence in today’s world where Work With Port Charlotte SEO Expertsconsumers rely on the internet for just about everything. If you are looking to make your mark with your business and need an honest local Charlotte County SEO company to help you do that please look for us at Start building your local business today.