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WordPress: An Extremely User-Friendly CMS

Things we complicate are often the things that scare away people. People are always intrigued with something new. Be it a new phone perhaps or a new device – the first thing people will notice is its functionality, and it’s user friendliness. “But my device has millions of functions!” or “My device is very easy to use for new users and very easy to learn as well!” We sometimes forget that the functionality of a device is also co-related to its friendliness. Your device might have tons of very useful functions but is impossible and very complicated to learn as a new user. Same applies if you have a device that’s very straightforward and very easy to use but lacks anything useful. As someone who visits the web often and does business online, you might be looking for some system that makes things easier for you as a marketer. Things like creating, editing, as well as storing HTML content on your website. It allows you to manage anything on your site such as content.  If these are the common things you need to do on your website, then a CMS or a Content Management System is what you’re looking for.

WordPress-CMS-WebDesign499A CMS or a Content Management System as you can tell is quite beneficial if you plan to take your marketing to the next level. The main reason for this being that a website is like the face of your company. Customers will continue to visit your website, and you’d obviously want to keep your website up to date and appealing towards customers. If you, however, decide to leave your website alone, you’ll be prone to many bad effects. Effects such as a massive fall in income since – generating no traffic for your website equals to generating no income at all. Besides that, your website will become outdated, which means search engines like Yahoo! Or Google will automatically detect this and will lower your rankings on Search engine results – making it very unlikely to discover your website, thus, lowering the chance of gaining new customers.  Using a CMS will prevent this from happening. With a CMS, It makes publishing content easier and more manageable and more content always means a better score for SEO, which also affects your business in a major way.

If that convinced you to need to start using a CMS as soon as possible, you’d be glad to hear that there are different options WordPress-For-WebDesignof CMS available around the web. But keep in mind that choosing the right one still greatly affects your business. And because of that, we’re here to help.

Finding the right CMS is like brewing the perfect cup of coffee. As they say, “Coffee should be black as the devil, hot as hell, pure as an angel, and sweet as love”. Same applies to finding a CMS that suits your tastes as well. It should be the right combination of functionality and user friendliness. How important is user friendliness you ask?

If you want to learn something such driving a car, then you could say that it’s definitely easier than piloting a plane with much more things to be familiar with in the cockpit, than in a car driver’s seat. Being user-friendly is very crucial in many aspects and not just businesses or products. A plane might be harder to pilot because it has many factors that affect the plane – same as how a car is simpler to drive because it has lesser factors affecting it. This is understandable and fine as long as they are both balanced regarding function and user friendliness. A website that isn’t user-friendly would sometimes scare away visitors since they either become hassles or very hard to understand. So when trying to look for a CMS, look for one that is very user-friendly and brings functionality to the table.

WordPress-WebDesign499This is where WordPress comes in. Many might confuse WordPress as a website that is exclusively for blogging only – this isn’t the case. WordPress is actually a Content Management System as well. Its success comes from being very straightforward to use, being multifunctional, being mobile friendly and accessible, versatility regarding customization and the best of all – it’s free!  Once again, being easy to use reaps in benefits for both parties. This not only eliminates stress for new users since you don’t have to be a know-it-all genius of HTML to start using WordPress and as a newcomer, but you also don’t have to worry about the complicated stuff. If you’re already using a CMS that isn’t WordPress, I recommend you do. But if you aren’t familiar with CMS, WordPress is absolutely one you should look into.

The team at WebDesign499 in North Port, FL can be reached by calling (561) 506-0398 or filling out our quick contact form here. We would love to discuss a brand new WordPress Design with you and your business! 75% of the web is now being powered by this wonderful CMS and your business website can too! We hope you enjoyed this blog post regarding the world’s most friendliest Content Management System, WordPress.