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Why Your Business Website Needs The Touch Of A Professional

There are certain things that get done better if you go the do-it-yourself route. Unfortunately, that cannot be said for business website management and design. Because your website serves as your potential client’s first impression of you, you cannot afford to make mistakes. Having drab-looking pages with random photos, a messy layout, and an ultra slow loading speed will definitely break your chances of landing a deal. You’d be lucky if your audience will still persist at looking for your contact details and actually calling you after a negative website experience.

One of the biggest blocks to getting a website done by a professional is budget. Why hire someone when you can DIY or have a friend do it in exchange for a free meal, right? This is where most businesses are wrong. While having a talented buddy design your website is economical, think about that beautiful thing called return on investment (ROI). Professional websites make money for business, while bad websites incur costs in the long run.

Here are five reasons why your business website should be made by a true professional.

  1. Expertise

A designer’s role is different from that of a developer’s. Both have different skill sets and will need to work as a team to make your website come to life. In a well-developed professional system, you get access to talent that has been honed by either comprehensive training or experience (or both!). These experts will not only know how to create your website, they will also produce awesome content, analyze your SEO, and provide digital marketing guidance — all in one go. There might be a few revisions along the way, but you can rest assured that things are being handled by people who are actually trained in what they do.

  1. Commitment

A friend might not have the same motivation and incentive to make your website look awesome as someone who is being paid to do a great job. Professionals in website design and development are people who are absolutely passionate about what they do and consider their work a piece of art. That’s the type of talent you want around you if you intend to make your website a true success.

  1. Responsive design

Your customers will be accessing your website from different types of devices. That’s why a responsive design is one of the most important elements of web delveopment. Regardless if your audience will see you via a PC, a tablet, or a smart phone, you should be ready to provide a seamless and positive experience. According to research, about 55 percent of Internet users access websites using their mobile gadgets. A professional will design a site with a mobile interface at the forefront and then adjust it for desktop and tablet viewing.

  1. Professional content

It’s not just about usability and design. Having a pro behind you also ensures that you get quality content. A web professional can provide valuable recommendations in terms of look and technical elements to ensure that every page delivers the ultimate client experience. Well-placed, well-edited, and well-written content are crucial to getting your clients’ attentions and for lead generation.

  1. Time

Getting a website up and running takes weeks to months. If you asked a friend to build it and you find yourself wanting to make advanced changes as you move forward, chances are he or she won’t have the time or the resources to do so. What happens if a new version of a web browser comes out and your site isn’t optimized for the change?

You can’t expect your friend to regularly maintain your website for nothing. At some point, you will need to pay him or her for the ongoing services, which may not be feasible. With a professional designer and developer, you can fully maintain your site’s content and interface so that it always has the latest information and is operating with the newest technology.