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{{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}  Mobile Responsive Web Design & Development

When in the process of designing a website, especially in the {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} greater region, mobile responsive web design becomes a large factor in your decisions. However, it is important to understand that mobile responsiveness must also be taken into consideration because not all browsers or site visitors are viewing from PCs or laptops. According to Statista, almost 55% of all website visitors to your website come from a mobile device of some sort (mostly a cell phone).

Good {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} mobile responsive web design does not only include impressive graphics, navigation, content and the works. It also includes the responsiveness of a web design that can easily adapt to a viewer’s view port. In other words, the website must adjust to a visitor’s screen size on the device that they are browsing the web on.

Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

The concept of responsive web design has existed for decades, but it was not until the mid-2000’s that web developers such as WebDesign499 began applying and appreciating its benefits. This is understandable because it was during that period of time when the rise of mobile phones began. Before you knew it, everyone and their grandmother had a mobile device in their possession. 55% of all web traffic is not a statistic to shake a stick at! According to our friends over at Oberlo, that percentage is closer to 57%.

Flexible, Functional Art 

Designing & developing a web page that is not only aesthetic but also functional is a skill. The term for this is designing a UI and a UX. UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. Not everyone can do it and that’s why hiring a professional web designer in the {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} area like WebDesign499 can become a bit expensive. The great news is that WebDesign499 offers complete, {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} mobile responsive web design starting at only $499! A $250 deposit gets you started and your dream becomes a reality online! For those brave souls who want to go out and try to do it themselves with a software such as WIX or SquareSpace, avoid these costly web design mistakes and save yourself a ton of money & a headache!

With all the devices on the market today – desktops, laptops, smart watches, multiple size tablets and smartphones galore, designers and developers in the {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} greater area must ensure that their websites will be attractive and functional by creating flexible layouts that are mobile responsive and adapt to all view ports. Today, more and more users in {{mpg_state_name}} are accessing the internet through their smart phones which makes mobile responsiveness very crucial to web design and development in 2021.

Going Extinct Without Mobile-Friendly Web Design

No matter how big, established or popular a company’s website may be, if it doesn’t cater to mobile users in today’s digital world, it would definitely go extinct. Consumers are pushing forward down the digital lane and {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} mobile responsive web design is one of their greatest demands. Mobile is the future of Internet Traffic. Either get used to it now or live with it later. It’s coming (or already here).