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MS Office 365

Why Florida Small Businesses Love Office 365

Microsoft Office is easily the most popular software provided by Microsoft. The latest subscription service offered by them is Office 365. Office 365 adds great features such as cloud capability, web applications, and email options to the Office suite. Keep reading for more details on this great new service that could save your small business money and keep it running efficiently.

Office 365 Features

Automatic Cloud Backup.

When you use the Office 365 environment, any documents you create are automatically backed up on the cloud, which means that you don’t have to worry about losing any of your documents due to computer malfunctions. All of your files are easily accessible from the office 365 portal, and with 1 terabyte (1000 gigabytes) of storage space, you’re sure to be able to store all of your files in one place.

Web Applications.

By logging in to your Office 365 account, you can use the web versions of Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, and OneNote among many other productivity apps from anywhere via an internet connection. With access to these web apps, there’s no need to bring your laptop everywhere with you since you can access these programs right from your smartphone.

Hosted Email.

With Office 365, you can choose a custom domain name for your email address and get 50 gigabytes of storage. You can also utilize their calendar sharing system to keep appointments straight with all of your customers and team members.

Website Hosting.

Office 365 provides you with all the tools you need to build, publish, update, and host your site, which is great news for small business. These services are included in the subscription price, so there are no additional fees for hosting.


Office 365 also gives you full access to the latest desktop versions of Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Excel, Access, OneNote, Publisher, and Skype. Furthermore, when updates occur, subscribers to Office 365 get immediate access to the updated versions of these programs at no extra cost.

Technical support.

All subscriptions to Office 365 include 24/7 support for any questions, comments, and issues you may have with any of the features included in this bundle. With migration services from iFeeltech IT and Microsoft Office 365, converting your legacy system to a cloud-based operation has never been easier – you can efficiently interact, collaborate and stay up-to-date.

Comparative Analysis

When compared to the individual costs of all of these services, Office 365 just makes more sense. The Office Professional 2016 suite is currently $1,995 for five computers. Website hosting services start at $80 for a year with very basic features. Email hosting services that provide that much storage is typically about $70 a year and may or may not include calendar integration. An equal amount of cloud storage can cost up to $1,245 per year. All of that adds up to $3,350 upfront cost.

Microsoft Office 365 premium, on the other hand, is $150.00 for a one-year subscription. The amount of money you save on the Office suite alone is worth it, and when you combine that with all the other benefits including having all of your IT needs in one place, Microsoft Office 365 just makes sense.

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