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Web Development Vs. Web Design : The Differences

Businesses that have branched out to the digital marketplace are in search of both web development and web design. These terms have often been used interchangeably, but there are actually stark differences between these two website building processes. For one, each requires different skill sets.

If you’re trying to build a website, it’s crucial you know the differences between web development and web design. It’s also worth noting that you need both for your business, so let’s define each of these processes and find out how they can help you.

Web Design and Web Development in a Nutshell

Essentially, web design is the term used to refer to the usability and visual aesthetics of a website. This includes the layout, color scheme, information flow, and every visual element of a website. Web designers mainly use design programs like Adobe Photoshop to create an attractive and usable space.

Meanwhile, web development governs all the code that makes a website functional. This aspect involves the more complicated part of building a website, as it includes PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and other programming languages that make a website move.

Web Design

Web designers usually start their work by finding out what the objective of a client is. Only then can he move on to the next step — Information Architecture (IA). IA sets a website’s information hierarchy in order for the design process to be easier.

Before the design stage, web designers need to create wireframes first. This involves basic design principles to come up with a layout that’s pleasing to look at and, at the same time, provides the user with a seamless experience.

Navigation is a top priority of the web designer, because he’s the one who’s most responsible for it. For example, 404 errors can be fixed by the technicians of the site. As for the look and feel of every page, it solely rests in the hands of the web designer. He should also inform the webmaster with regard to sitemap usage in case there are too many orphaned pages lying about.

Web Development

Also called programmers, web developers build a site that’s fully functional out of the design. It’s the developer’s job to bring a picture to life and make sure that it becomes interactive for the users. In a nutshell, dynamic websites are those that are fully customizable and updateable; thanks to special scripting and programming languages used during the development cycle.

Web development also includes the use of several tools, ranging from debugging tools to framework tools, testing tools to optimizing tools, and documentation tools to security tools.

Because of web development, sites are becoming more and more self-contained, organized, and easy to manipulate. Many of the things that web developers were forced to write up and program individually can now be streamlined, compartmentalized, and organized using a variety of useful tools and features. These ensure a more efficient and versatile site.

Building a Website

If you’re planning to create a website for your business, always remember:

  1. Define your objectives
  2. Identify your budget
  3. Deal with providers
  4. Choose the right company

When dealing with the providers that closely match your requirements, you should be able to examine how much of experts they truly are. Find out about designs that they have already made. Check to see if they offer support in case there are hiccups in the system and in the design. Would they be readily available to coordinate with you at all times? Make sure that you discuss your timeframe and have them assure you that they will stay within schedule and budget.