Web Design Process

The Web Design Process

Let’s work together every step of the way.

Great web-sites likes great buildings need to be designed well structurally, functionally, and artistically. Our web sites are designed to be found by search engines and be easy-to-use by your customers and users, as well as look great. Working out who your users are, carefully designing your information architecture and menus, choosing the right language to be found, as well as collaborating on the web strategy you can adopt to meet your business objectives are all integral to what we do.

Our 6-Step Web Design Process Is Simple.

  • Project Specification
  • Contract & Initial Payment
  • Design Phase
  • Development Phase
  • Training & Data Entry (Content)
  • Going Live (Launch)

Every great company has proven methods for achieving success with the execution and delivery of their products and services. In that respect, website design and digital agencies (the good ones at least) are no different. In order to approach the complexities of planning, designing, developing and nurturing a website from the ground up – it is virtually impossible to ensure any level of quality without having thought-out and perfected a website design process.

In fact, without a tried and tested web design process – delivering a quality, custom website experience (never-the-less, on-time & within budget) which performs and converts well just can’t happen.

Over the years, we have developed and evolved our own web design process to better serve both our clients as well as ourselves. We’ve compared notes with other agencies, learned from many external sources and of course – applied our own values, philosophies and core competencies to make our process truly “our own”.