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Top Web Design Trends To Jumpstart Your 2019 Strategy

It’s 2019, and everyone’s heading to the final chapter of another decade. The internet and digital technology is undeniably one of the strongest forces in almost every industry and that’s why it’s very important to strengthen websites more than ever.

The internet and web-design have seen the rise and fall of trends and with the digital media growing stronger than ever, it is important to ride on with the trend this 2019. Below are top web design trends to jumpstart your 2019 strategy.

The Age Of The Serifs

Serif and San Serif are widely-used whether for print or screen. Their universal readability make them a favorite and it is fairly understandable why. The said fonts are clean, readable yet decorative. Maximize these fonts to give your website a clean, fresh vibe.

Abstract Visuals – Natural, Organic Graphics

Professional web pages usually have these things in common – systematic grids and lines with sharp corners. However, more and more websites are adapting to more vibrant visuals with organic shapes and imperfect asymmetrical designs paired with a burst of colors.

The Age Of The Chatbots 

Chatbots are not new to the website industry but 2019 will definitely see more of these AI minions. Websites are expected to have smarter and customized chatbots that will make user-experience more personalized. Aesthetically-wise, chatbots interface are also expected to be more enticing with brighter colors.

More Videos

If before, only readable content is prominent on websites, videos are now used to further enhance the user’s website visit. Users who are not so keen on reading appreciate videos more. Videos actually diversify the page and make it more interesting.

The Rise Of Minimalism

Marie Kondo’s de-cluttering trend has influenced a lot of individuals all around the world. Truly, her approach is quite simple but has a very big impact. Who likes clutter, right?

Same goes with websites – cluttered and over-designed website are unpleasant and overwhelming for users. A page that is neat, clean and highly-minimalist will quickly show users what they are looking for, increasing efficiency and site readability.