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The Worst Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2019

The first tell-tale sign that something’s off with a certain website is by its traffic. Users who are not happy or contented with what a website has to offer almost always leave the page and never come back again.

So what do users see first when visiting a website? The design, of course! When users are satisfied with the interface and design of a page, it increases the conversion rate of the web page. To further boost the success of your website, below are some of the worst web design mistakes you should avoid in 2019.

Too Much Minimalism

There’s helpful minimalism then there’s too much minimalism. When a website has too much minimalism, users end up getting frustrated due to the page’s lack of information. When practicing minimalism, make sure that the website still has ample information, photos and links to serve the needs of the visitors.

Flaky Content

It’s a big turn off for users when they visit a website and read irrelevant content instead of coming up with important information. A website should not merely offer content, it should offer relevant content that users will benefit from.

Aside from irrelevant content, subpar content also makes a website questionable. Featuring articles with wrong grammar and spelling can also be a big turn-off for website visitors.

Ad Misplacement

Websites who feature advertisements or pop-ups inappropriately might send off the wrong impression to their page visitors. Some page visitors may find the ads or pop-ups annoying and might end up getting irritated with all the unnecessary things going on in the page. It is very important to analyze ad placements like a hawk because it can definitely make or break a website’s success.

Information Overload

Too much minimalism is a no-no but there’s also a thing as too much information. A website that lays down too much information on the landing page is making a big mistake. When visitors can’t understand a website a few seconds after opening it, it means that there is something wrong with how the content is presented.