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A Few Simple Web Design Techniques That Work

Many people feel that flashy websites are attractive and can attract more viewers, but that’s only true for those with faster connections. The most successful sites are simply and tastefully designed for user friendliness. The tips below will make your site the best it can be.

Scour forums for ideas and instructions on how to get the most out of web design. Use your preferred search engine to get sound information that will help you learn for free.

Have a site map. These are useful to your clients and the search engines, as they give a detailed overview of your entire website. It can be a guide for viewers searching for a certain part of your site, and also allow you to keep track of its structure and layout.

WebDesign499 Web Design Techniques

According to a prominent web design agency located in Sarasota County, Florida, you should test your website before it goes live. There’s nothing worse then launching your new website and having to take it down right away due to bugs or other issues. Get a group of people together who are using different web browsers and computer platforms, and ask them to use a beta version of your website, writing down any issues they come across.

While you might be inclined to add a lot of bells and whistles to your website, flashing graphics, loud music and neon colors will just distract from the purpose of your website. Visitors who are bombarded by too many sights and sounds might be inclined to leave your website before they even start browsing. Keep the colors simple and the content relevant and your website design will be a winner.

To help you attract a more professional crowd to your site, make sure you design your site with no spelling errors. When designing the site, utilize a spell checker and if need to, a grammar checker. If you have a site with poor spelling and grammar, people will not want to do business with you because they will think it is unprofessional.

Learn the basics of HTML and CSS. Although there are many templates that allow you to just fill in the blanks, in order to create a web page, these templates provide only limited design possibilities. Understanding how the mark-up language and stylesheet work together will enable you to customize your website to your heart’s content.

To help your website visitors find their way home on your site, always include a link to your homepage on each page of your site. Having a home page link that is visible allows your reader to easily make their way back to starting point. If you do not have a home page link then your visitors might get frustrated and leave your site altogether.

Encourage visitors to come back to a website repeatedly, by offering them a newsletter. This can be an excellent way of building your client base. It is good practice to place the newsletter signup form in your website’s side bar. Furthermore, you should always keep track of everyone who signs up. Do not distribute the newsletter to people who have not specifically requested it; otherwise, recipients might become irritated.

If you want more visitors to your site, you need to design it in a way that makes it easy to update content, says Christopher Ryan Schwarz, owner of WebDesign499. If your site can be easily updated it helps you to be able to quickly add new and relevant information. A site that is constantly updated will keep your visitors coming back for more.

Ensure that your user’s needs are a priority. The site designer should always be working on the needs of the user. Interaction and ease of use are paramount concerns here. These are primary considerations you must factor in. Therefore, it is important to look at the site from their angle.

WebDesign499 Web Design Techniques

If you already have a particular web hosting solution that you know you are going to use, keep its limitations in mind as you design your website. For example, do not create a website that relies on specific programming languages if your web host does not support these languages. It is fairly simple to find out which technologies are supported by your web host. Make certain that your design is something that is within the limitations of your host.

Avoid frames at all costs. Just don’t use them. While they can make it simple for your menu or header to appear all throughout your site, the address bar won’t change on each page. This can make it impossible for your visitors to link to any specific page on your site.

Forums are going to be your best friend in the next few weeks, this is because there’s a lot of information to be gained from various forums where you have the ability to gain endless amounts of knowledge from people all over the world. So check out what websites and forums can help you along your way with web design.

Proofread everything before publishing. Your goal is for people to be able to read it easily and quickly. If you have a lot of errors, your site will be viewed as unprofessional and may actually be ridiculed.

Avoid every instance of spammy “sell language” that you possibly can. Studies show that users are likely to jump off of a webpage the instant they pick up the “salesman” vibe. This is because it is said to actually trigger a predatory response in human brain function! So next time you want to sell a product, remember that the potential consumer may view you as a predator and run!

As mentioned earlier, flash websites are visually attractive, but the load times are not worth it. Instead, design a solid website that is user-friendly. Apply the tips from this article from WebDesign499 to build yourself a nice looking site that does not distract the visitor.

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Internet Marketing {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} – The #1 Premier {{mpg_county_name}} County Digital Agency

Try selling a pen to a room full of people. Physically, there are a lot of things you’ll have to exert effort on if you want your “pen product” to sell. You’ll have to consider many physical aspects like the room itself. Will it cost a renting fee for your presentation? The people, will they be accommodated well with seats, snacks and beverages? As a local {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} Internet Marketing Agency, there are situations like these you’d have to think about. Is doing the same thing over and over again cost-efficient for my {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Internet Marketing agency? Will it get my digital marketing agency in the greater {{mpg_county_name}} region more customers? Will my product even sell to a {{mpg_state_name}} market? The world of Internet Marketing isn’t a walk in the park, for sure – but what’s stopping you from looking for new ways to improve your {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} Internet Marketing business overall as a whole?

Internet Marketing Port Charlotte WebDesign499

Most {{mpg_state_name}} business owners and/or entrepreneurs tend to push away new ideas because they’re simply used to old methods and more traditional ways of marketing. An honest question to ask would be, where are these old fashioned marketing firms now? {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Internet Marketing is harsh. There are millions of companies and agencies out there battling to be on top and they all have their own tricks and tactics to deal with their current competition. I’m not here to scare you and drive you away from being a successful {{mpg_city}} internet marketer, in fact – I’m here to help you become the best!

Technology is something that is continuously advancing each and every day. We should understand that as local {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} internet marketing professionals, we should embrace the improvements as they serve one cause – to make our lives easier. The internet is one of those things. Now it may not necessarily mean that if you do internet marketing, you’ll instantly rise to be above all other {{mpg_city}} local marketing businesses. It just means that you’ll be closer to getting that coveted top Google spot rather than not engaging in {{mpg_city}} Internet Marketing, period. So what even is Internet Marketing? Which {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} company or agency offers the best service around? In simple terms, it just means marketing with the use of the internet and everything it can offer. What are its benefits? An absolute ton!

Internet Marketing In {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}

Not a single individual in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} wants to spend enormous amounts of cash that they fear wouldn’t be a good investment. Everyone is looking for a good ROI. If you wish to take your {{mpg_city}} internet marketing agency to the next level, then engaging in all things digital is an excellent way to do just that. Think of all the physical brick & mortar stores you see. All of these brick & mortar stores pay a fee for rent, taxes, mortgages and other unknown fees. Some stores have to hold a certain amount of inventory at all times to serve the public. Now all that would then add up to more and more money spending. With {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Internet Marketing, you’ll spend a ton less of your hard earned cash money compared to that of a physical standing store. Instead of buying more space, you can spend this on other things like hiring a web designer for your business website or e-commerce store perhaps?

Internet Marketing in {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}: Call (561) 506-0398 & Get Started Today!

Speaking of spending and investing money, there are other resources that would cost you less if you do decide to go into internet marketing near or around the {{mpg_county_name}} County {{mpg_state_name}} area. What’s a company without its workers and employees? You’d be surprised that with Internet Marketing in {{mpg_city}}, you save a lot on having to pay employees to be at your store all the time (in a physical brick & mortar setting that is). In online marketing, your website is always accessible to anyone and everyone around the world and it remains open while you sleep!

Now the internet has a lot of things in store, but for the marketing aspect, an absolute ton of things on the internet make marketing such a great industry to engage with. Social Media is the bread and butter of Internet Marketing in {{mpg_city}} as well as other cities as it has a lot of influence and impact on the success of a business. If you do decide to engage in digital marketing and plan on charging a fee for your services, there will be customers who love you and customers with nothing good to say! Think of YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and especially Facebook. All of these can affect your {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Internet Marketing Agency one way or another. Don’t expect to become an overnight success. Digital Marketing and Social Media Maintenance require dedication and persistent, hard work. Word gets around very quickly in our industry, so if you do well, then expect good results. If not, this industry may not be for you and that is OK! Try, try and try again.

Port Charlotte Internet Marketing Experts WebDesign499

If you’re planning on utilizing Internet Marketing in the {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} area, then a powerhouse agency who specializes and breathes {{mpg_city}} Internet Marketing is WebDesign499. Our company, WD499, offers {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Internet Marketing services for any business owner who would like to experience the benefits of blanketing Google, Yahoo and Bing. Not only that, but we also are particular with quality and quickness of our service. If you would like to know more about how we can help you affordably and cater to every budget in the great state of {{mpg_state_name}}, feel free to contact us at (561) 506-0398 or visit https://www.webdesign499.com.

{{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Management Experts

Everything You Need to Know About The Greater {{mpg_county_name}} County Online Reputation Management Industry: Starting Here In Beautiful {{mpg_city}}

Have you ever tried looking yourself up on Google? Have you ever wondered about how you can control what others see when they search for you online? While there are things about you found on the internet that you can’t delete, especially in the images section of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, there is another way to deal with them. It involves the practice of hiring and utilizing the unique talents of a {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation management expert. If you are not familiar with this term, there are many, many Reputation Management blog posts and articles in the WebDesign499 blog. Reading up on reputation management can help you learn everything that there is to know about {{mpg_county_name}} County Reputation Management.

What is {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Management All About?

WebDesign499 Port Charlotte Online Reputation Management

Most of us have tried typing our names on Google or other search engines just to check about what were published. We have even tried typing our names on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to check on what other people may or not of been talking about us. With millions of online content being published every day, we could not be sure that all of those entries from the search results are favorable.

The role of an online reputation management expert originated from the concept of public relations or PR (Think The TV Show Mad Men), only it is practiced online in the {{mpg_state_name}} digital marketing space and not on billboards and such. Past blunders of an individual, embarrassing social media pages and more online trouble can affect an individual or a business when it comes to {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation expertise. It pops out of the search engine results (SERPs). In order to control this, an expert {{mpg_name}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation management wiz comes into play.

Loosely defined, {{mpg_county_name}}, {{mpg_state_id}} Online Reputation Management Experts are responsible for regulating and manipulating what search engines come up with when someone searches for an individual’s name or business. Search results produce different kinds of information found on the vast sea of the Internet. With most people relying only on the first page of search engine results for information, it is quite difficult to make sure that what others can see about you or your business practices are purely positive without having to shell out the money ($$$) on a {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation expert.

What Is So Important About A {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Management Expert?

As an individual, a professional, or a business owner, your reputation is very important to you. With the growing use of technology and popularity of the world wide web, a positive & wholesome online digital reputation is now seen as highly prized and protected. It is something that most people have worked hard for. Some very serious individuals even took years and years to build a good online reputation. However, with more and more users taking advantage of social media and the internet in general, negative and embarrassing things can be posted about you that can harm your {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} digital online reputation.

A positive online presence is important in your personal and professional life. Never underestimate the search engine results for your name or your business since it can affect you in many ways. For example, in a 2010 study about the world wide web and it’s associated online reputations, it was shown that 75% of U.S. recruiters and HR professionals are required to research online information about applicants. Imagine applying for a job and getting rejected just because you posted something bad against the company when you were just a silly little kid. It’s an unfortunate experience, but it could have been prevented through {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation management and reputation protection/maintenance. Also, 65% or more of internet users trust online search engine results (SERPs) when it comes to looking for information about businesses compared to other sources.

{{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Management throughout the greater {{mpg_county_name}} County is not limited to burying unwanted search engine results, but it can also be used to improve your online reputation overall. This is important especially when it comes to building a good business brand, which we have worked very hard to do at WebDesign499. One negative review going viral is all it takes for your brand to take a deep plunge from the success ladder if online reputation management in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} is not practiced. Still not convinced? There are also other advantages and benefits of managing your digital reputation in {{mpg_county_name}}, {{mpg_state_name}}.

How Does This {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Expert Thing Work Anyway? {{mpg_county_name}} Is Eager to Know!

Online Reputation Management Experts WebDesign499

A {{mpg_city}} Online Reputation Management Expert helps keep your positive online reputation through various means and strategies. There are several practices and processes involved in order to prevent negative results from showing on large search engines such as Google. Aside from burying negative search engine results in the state of {{mpg_state_name}}, so that they can no longer be seen or noticed. Also, remember that {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} and the greater {{mpg_county_name}} county area helps in highlighting the positive things about you and your brand. Some of the common ways employed by {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation management experts:

· Creating and publishing positive online content to counter negative and harmful online content (eventually pushes down the negative content).

· Creating and submitting press releases about you or your brand to websites of authority. WebDesign499 offers a great Press Release Package for cheap! Your story goes out to 750+ news publications across the USA!

· Creating and publishing brand promotions and strong social media presences to strengthen your brand presence online around your domain. This is called building a Social Fortress!

· Employing the use of search engine optimization for your website and its contents in order to improve the search engine result ranking of positive contents.

· Creating positive social media profiles and positive, reader-specific content.

· Creating professional and expert-made online content that {{mpg_city}} readers enjoy reading and looking over!

· Creating connections with high-ranking third-party websites on Google for your website endorsement or recommendation.

· Acting against libelous claims found online through submitting legally valid take-down requests & cease and desists.

· Acting against false, incorrect, and inaccurate information published on Wikipedia by requesting for content removal.

· Acting against fake and negative product reviews or individual reviews by making positive reviews either anonymously or through verified Google Local Guide Accounts.

· Acting against images that are illegally posted, taken or posted without consent, or in violation of the copyright law.

· Giving or offering incentives to your {{mpg_county_name}} county residents in return for their positive Google & Facebook reviews and ratings similar to this: https://birdeye.com/cmp/reputation-management-platform/.

What are the benefits of hiring a {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} Online Reputation Management Expert / Professional?

Online reputation management & maintenance in {{mpg_county_name}} is important to any business and individual. In businesses, it can be a PR (Public Relations) nightmare if clients or customers get wind of negative reviews about its product or service. But through the help of local {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation management experts, these negative reviews can be countered with positive ones. For an individual, a good career can remain unblemished through Online Digital Reputation Management. It is an effective strategy and it also has more benefits than the aforementioned examples such as:

· It can help in having others see you in a positive light.

· It can help bury negative online postings about you or your brand.

· It can help in reaching out to your clients and begin the process of earning their hard-won trust.

· It can help promote positive feedback about you or your brand.

· It can help you be visible online and strengthen your online presence.

· It can help you get more opportunities career-wise or business-wise in life.

· It can help build a strong foundation for a positive online reputation in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}}.

· It can help you protect your brand against negative reviews.

Becoming A Regular {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Management Expert in {{mpg_county_name}} County

All of these benefits of {{mpg_city}} Online Reputation Management Professionals can help you or your business in the long run tremendously. You don’t need to be a public figure or a large company in order to avail yourself of local {{mpg_city}} online reputation management expert services. It is cost-effective and efficient. We did not get the name WebDesign499 for being an overpriced, unfair firm! 🙂 In these times of people oversharing on social media or just oversharing online in general, it is important to take care of one’s own good online reputation in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}}.

If you are an invidivual or business in the {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_name}} greater area, WebDesign499 can help clear up your negative online reputation and make your problem go away for good! We create a positive story brand around your business, syndicate that story across our various PR and IFTTT channels, distribute the positive press about you or your business and bury the negative PR where nobody will ever see it or that nasty press again! Call WebDesign499 at (561) 506-0398 to get started today! Ask for Christopher or Candace!

How To Improve Your Online Marketing Game In 5 Ways

The Internet is a treasure trove of possibilities for the budding business owner. If you have a new business and have a website to promote, there are certain rules of engagement to follow before you start your online marketing campaign. We talk about marketing to Internet users here because, let’s face it — it IS the day and age of technology. If you have a business and you don’t have an online presence, you might as well prepare to close shop anytime soon.


Here are 5 ways to improve your Internet marketing game and make sure your business stays above the fold.


  1. Identify your target market


Who are your customers? To whom will you offer your product or service? Who do you think will benefit from your brand? Make a draft of the personalities of your target market. You don’t need to conduct deep research or hire a company to do this. Being the developer of your own business, you already have some sense of who you are building products and services for. You can start from this knowledge.

Along the way, as your business progresses, you will find the other markets that will find benefits in what you are serving. For example, if you’re marketing apple cider vinegar, you’re not just marketing to chefs and foodies because ACV has been found to be good for skincare and for healing a wide range of diseases, as well.


  1. Set measurable and realistic goals

How do you define a successful business? There are different types of metrics that will objectively tell you if your business is all right or if it needs to reorganize. These include revenues, profits, expenses, and other key performance indicators for all your activities.


Now that you’ve added Internet marketing to the list, you should also pay attention to total unique site visits, bounce rate, audience retention rate, and more. These metrics will enable you to monitor performance, so you can create new strategies that will be targeted toward those that are not delivering high numbers.


3. Plan your budget

It’s okay to be thrifty but not at the expense of your business’s online performance. Before you decide to cut corners on your online marketing budget, first evaluate the things that are working and are not working. Go back to your metrics and point out weak points to see if these just need restructuring or need to be let go entirely.


  1. Be your brand


In short, be involved in your online marketing campaign. Make your social media accounts active not just by posting announcements regularly, but by actually engaging with your audience. Did somebody comment on your post? Talk to them online to keep the conversation going. When your target market sees that your digital presence is more than just someone who schedules posts, the more emphatic they will feel towards your brand. The more likely they are to keep patronizing you and to recommend you to their friends.


  1. Pay attention to your SEO


SEO is a tried and tested way of reaching your target market, even when they are not actively searching for you. When a person types a certain keyphrase into search engines, make sure that you appear among the top search results. A good SEO strategy will help you achieve this.

5 Non-Negotiables When It Comes To Designing A Powerful Logo

Whoever said that designing a logo is easy must not have a sense of design at all. In fact, graphic artists will tell you that it takes a lot of skill, creativity, and effort to make a powerful logo compared to building a full website. Because of the sheer size and conciseness of a logo, it requires careful thought and a deep understanding of imagery and purpose.


We live in a society where brand logos are just plastered everywhere. Even the little kids who can’t even string complete sentences already knows what McDonald’s, Pepsi and other brands are just by looking at their brandmarks. No words necessary. That said, how do you create a powerful logo and what are its basic elements? We got in touch with some design experts and here’s what they told us.


  1. Understand the brand


You can’t just paste images and colors together and say it’s your logo. While it is an image, a logo is also your brand’s identity. Before you design one, think about these three things: what does the brand remind you of and what image comes to mind? how does the brand make you feel? what images and colors are significant to the brand’s development into what it is now?


Remember that while you can compare with other existing logos and might want to derive inspiration from their success, your design should still reflect what your client wants and the company’s unique attributes. Logos also do not just come out of thin air. Each one has a history that’s filled with purpose and meaning. This is why it’s important that you talk to the client first before testing out different prototypes.


  1. Be unique


Imitation is the best form of flattery but you don’t want your logo to be overshadowed by another brand. You want a logo that stands out and that people can identify as only yours. With so many logos out there, creating an original look could be a challenge, but as a designer that should be your ultimate goal. Take note that designing a logo doesn’t have to be literal. Remember that the Mercedes logo is not a car and the Apple logo isn’t a computer.


Understand color


Color plays a huge role in your logo’s design. Bold and bright colors are sure to get people’s attention, but does it reflect your brand? Meanwhile, neutral and muted shades look elegant, but they run the risk of being overlooked. For starters, check out the psychology of colors and what emotion each shade represents. Reds can be bold, sexy, and energetic, while greens can pertain to growth, being organic, and instructional.


Make it easy and flexible


You want a logo that stands out, but you also don’t want a logo that will leave your viewers perplexed over what it means. The Amazon logo, for one, is a simple text of the company’s URL, with “amazon” in bold face, and a yellow arrow pointing from A to Z. There is a lot of meaning that can be derived from this highly effective yet very simple and straightforward logo; all of which point to the brand’s mission and vision.


The most iconic brand logos, such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Ray-Ban, aren’t fancy looking. In fact, it is this basic design that gives them a powerful personality. Expert designers will tell you that it’s a lot easier to be experimental than to be simple when it comes to making a logo, but it’s the latter that works and lasts a long time.


Do you need help designing your own company’s logo? Our team of designers are more than happy to help! Get in touch with us at (561) 506-0398.

5 Elements Of An Effective & Professional Website Design

A website does not succeed because of its content and design alone. It has to be a total package. This means having a construction that creates a positive user experience while being easy to understand. Sure, the latter is a subjective aspect of site creation. As the saying goes, “different strokes for different folks.” However, there remains non-negotiable ground rules that should be followed when deciding on how your website looks and how it makes you audience feel.


Here are tips to ensure that your website design game is on point.


Keep it clutter-free and simple


Most people give a website a quick once-over before deciding if they want to stay and keep reading, or click X and try something else. Studies also show that the average Internet reader picks up key words and sentences while browsing. Given this reading behavior, the first goal of a website designer to build a landing page that appeals to the reader’s emotions. You can worry about word count later.


In short, the less a person has to sift through on initial contact, the easier it will be for him or her to assess what’s in front. This makes it more likely for your reader to act according to what you want to happen. If you place a powerful image or a call to action in a compelling and easily digestible way, you have a better chance at succeeding, compared to filling it with lots of text and too many photos.


Acknowledge the power of visual hierarchy


It is the website designer’s job to make sure that images and text are presented in a clear manner. What is your goal? What do you want your reader to do next? Without necessarily being too literal about your intentions, you can subconsciously direct your audience with the types of colors, contrasts, fonts, and images you present. When you establish a clear hierarchy to the information you lay out, your readers will naturally “follow the breadcrumbs.”


Make your content easy to read and digest


Make it easy for your readers to recognize words, phrases, and sentences in your website. This means they are able to scan and digest all the information without exerting too much effort. How do you achieve a high readability rating?


Three things: pay attention to color contrast by making things easy on the eyes, make your fonts large enough to be easily read, and don’t go overboard with font variety. Note that while 12 point fonts are ideal for research papers at school, they’re not recommended online. In fact, studies show that your body text should be at least 16 point (depending on the typeface you’re using). Serif fonts are a popular choice for websites because they are clean and easy to read. You can experiment with fancy fonts, but always keep in mind that you owe it to your audience to make the experience simple and positive.


Invest in site navigability


Websites are not a place for the avant-garde. Sure, you can experiment with styles and make a design that breaks the mold — and that’s fine — but make sure that you back it up with a positive user experience. In short, readers should know where to click when they want to look for something. They should know how to get out of a page, or how to get to you About Us or Contact Us page when they want to get in touch.

For a solid navigation experience, here are some things you might want to apply.

– Clicking your logo leads to your main homepage

– Your menu should be at the top and listed according to the importance of each category

– If have a long-scrolling site, apply an anchor menu so readers don’t have to click all the way back up or scroll to the very bottom to see the menu

– Your most important content should be above the fold


Always remember that your reader should understand what your website is all about without having to click through different menu items and links. From the landing page alone, this should already be clear, even if it’s just photos and a few words. Another thing that’s important is that your website should be both desktop and mobile-friendly. Finally, never be tired of testing new ways to design your website. As long as you understand the foundations of a good design, you can go forth and get creative.


Do you need a place to start with your own web design process? We can help! Give our team a call at (561) 506-0398.

Social Media & SEO: How The Likes Of Facebook & Twitter Affect Your Search Rankings

One reliable way to measure engagement and opinion about a website is to check what people are saying on social media. Search engines are able to pick up on market opinion posted on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use the data gathered to determine what ranking it will award the site. Thus, if you want your website to get a page one appearance on searches, you should not take your social media presence for granted.


Will social links help boost your searching ranking? Many professional online marketers believe that this is so.


Google and Your Social Media Profile


While sharing pages or posts on social media do not heavily affect your site’s ranking in searches, they have a huge impact on the how the results turn out. In fact, when you search for something on Google, its Facebook or Twitter page often shows up on page one listings. If you search “Pepsi” for instance, the company’s official social media pages almost always appear at the top, depending on how many followers it has.


One good thing about social media profiles is that they create a personal connecition the market. That’s why researchers view its engagement and likes as a good gauge of its general personality. Isn’t it true that when you search for a certain company online, you include their official Facebook or Twitter pages as reliable sources of information? If a social media account turns up on search results, there is a big chance that people will click that first.


Social Media Platforms Can Be Searched, As Well


Search engines are not the only place where online users conduct keyword searches. This happens a lot on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, too. If you have an active Twitter account, it’s very possible that people will stumble upon your brand and services after searching for tweets for related keywords. Hashtags are also a great way for people to discover your site so use those wisely.


For now, Google is saying that social signals do not really drive rankings on search engines. However, it seems that the tide is changing and the roles of Facebook and Twitter (and others) on helping your website reach the first page are also evolving. Thus, marketers should not be too quick to dismiss its power to help sites boost traffic and turn a profit. After all, the tech is already there; the next step is just really to maximize its features and then start raking in the gains.

4 Things Your Business Should STOP Doing On Social Media

Just because your business has an online presence, that doesn’t automatically mean that customers will be pouring in instantly. By being on the Internet, where everything is basically free for all, you have a larger responsibility to regulate each word that is posted on your site. If you are publicly known as the business’s owner, you are also challenged to post only things that will bring positive energy towards your brand and refrain from any unbecoming online behavior. When you are online, your business’s reputation can go from 10 to zero in just minutes.

Professional online marketers say these are the 4 things that you should stop or never do on social media.


  1. Never lie

When you market your products or services, it’s a given that you will highlight your best features without going into the nitty gritty details. Because social media opens up the channel of communication between the customer and the copmany, it is important that you always tell the truth. By building a foundation of trust, you create loyal following and a community of brand evangelists.


  1. Offend or argue with your customers

Not everybody will be happy with your brand — and that’s okay. Take the criticism as a way for you to make improvements. If you find people getting unreasonable with their social media posts, the first instinct would be to fight back and get cocky. Don’t. Do not get lured into the trap and engage in word war with trolls and embarrass yourself online. If trolls are hounding you, the best way to respond is by taking it with good humor and then dropping the topic altogether.


The same also goes with posting complaints ABOUT your customers. Not every new client will be familiar with your brand and, again, that’s all right. Use it as an opportunity to engage with your market so they understand better. Don’t go on social media posting screenshots of your conversations or saying bad stuff about your client (or your competitiors, for that matter). That kind of behavior only reflects your brand’s character. Nobody wants to deal with a whiner and a snitch.


  1. Spam

Social media spamming is one of the worst things your business can do online. This annoying practice will not only turn off potential customers, it will also get your website blacklisted. Instead, continue to provide engaging updates and quality content that people will want to click and see.


  1. Being too confident

So you posted a video that went viral last month? Great! But that doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels and start relaxing. The point of a “virus” is that it is short-lived. Thus, your business will need to think of fresh ways to get your market’s attention if you want to continue thriving and surviving. Being too confident and not constantly updating and reaching out to your customers could be your brand’s downfall.

Social media engagement is a major part of a succesful marketing campaign. Thus, you must take care of how your business is perceived on the Internet, similar to how you protect your reputation in the brick-and-mortar world.

4 Online Marketing Strategies Your Brick-and-Mortar Shop Needs This 2018

While we already live in the day and age of the Internet, there still are plenty of brick-and-mortar businesses that hesitate to bring their brand online. Many think that venturing the Internet will dilute their business model or bring confusion to their clients. This is where they are wrong. Nowadays, if you have a physical store but have no online presence, you are missing a LOT on a huge opportunity to get your brand out to a much wider (even international) clientele.

The Internet exists as a solid channel to market and advertise just about anything. Retailers, even small businesses, are taking advantage of this venue mostly because it is free. Right some, some 70 percent of enterprises have embraced the online world. If your business does not employ any form of Internet marketing at all, it’s high time you do — or you risk being totally ignored.

What does it take to be a successful business owner nowadays? While the traditional buyers are still making a major impact on commerce, it’s the millennial generation’s attention that you need if you want your business to continue to flourish for many years to come. This young generation of consumers have massive buying capacity — and with social media, have the power to make or break your brand by simply sharing it to their other online friends. If you are not including millenial consumer habits to your marketing strategy, you might as well place an end date to your business.

So, what do you do and where do you start? The first step is always the most challenging and that is acknowledging that you need to set up your presence online. Once you’re past this hurdle, take note of these four tips.


  1. Invest in a good design for your website.

Your website’s design and usability is a reflection of your business in the “real” world. Pay attention to how your site will come out on a desktop and on mobile. If users have a hard time accessing your site, if it takes a long time to load, appears cluttered, and have a difficult time identifying where to click, it’s not likely they will recommend your brand to others.

Load times and placement matter to how viewers will respond to your brand. Remember that they haven’t spoken to you yet or have seen your actual store. Your website is the first time they are engaging with you so make sure it’s a positive experience. A website that’s easy to navigate and provides updated and detailed information is similar to a front desk officer that greets customers as they enter the store.


  1. Determine your niche and build a community.

Create a following for your website. You can do this by regularly producing quality content, highlighting your products and services with evolving and fresh strategies, and connecting with people who talk about your brand online with public replies.

For example, you have a business that offers laundry services. You can invite more people to engage with you by posting articles on new washing machine technology, environmentally-friendly ways to make detergent, and similar themes. By building an active online network, you are a step higher than the competition because you have already built a channel for future marketing efforts.


  1. Maximize the power of Google

Think like your customer so you can figure out the best way to address their needs. If your business is new, research the likely ways your potential clients will try to search for businesses like yours. This is where Google Adwords and keyword optimization come in. Better yet, you can invest in paid advertising and Google will determine how best to present your ad and where.


  1. Take advantage of email.

Collect email addresses of would-be customers and offer some kind of incentive program from signing up to your website. When you collect mail, you can then create a list that can be use to share new information, announce promotions and deals, or inform the public of special in-store packages. Chances are, they will click toward your website or go visit your actual store to avail of the deals.

The road to success is clear — and that’s a path that’s anchored on the Internet. If you want your business to survive in this increasingly competitive world, you have to utilized all available channels to promote your brand.

3 Reasons Why Long-Tail Keywords Matter To Your SEO Strategy

Keywords are the basic building blocks of every SEO campaign. They are actually the key elements from where a marketing decision is based. Thus, it is of utmost important to select the right words and build the correct mix of these words to gain relevancy and boost search volume.

If you are a new business that’s just trying to understand how SEO can help your brand grow, the most important advice would be to steer clear of those keywords with already high search volumes. Your website will just get drowned by the crowd and will take a very long time before you see them gaining any attention.

However, if you focus on the middle-range keywords, or those that are frequently searched but are not as saturated, you have a much better chance of getting noticed. These are the types of keywords that are composed of 3 or more words in a phrase. So-called “long tail keywords,” they offer a more targeted search and have fewer competitors to elbow through to reach Google’s page one.

Here are 3 reasons why long tail keywords should be part of your SEO campaign.

1. Long tail keywords have a higher conversion rate.

People who use long tail keywords are typically those who are looking for something specific. They are using long phrases because their one-word or two-word searches are not generating the answers they are seeking. For example, if you just type “accounting software” you will get a wide range of URLs that offer software on different types of accounting tools. However, if you type in “business accounting software,” the more likely it is that you will get results that are all related to “business accounting.” Your website has a bigger chance of a conversion this way.

2. Fewer competitors

The keyword “benefits of long tail keywords” will have less competition than the broader search phrase “keywords.” While broad keywords have a higher search volume, but they don’t really deliver exactly what the searcher needs. If you are a small business owner, you will have a hard time trying to outrank the larger companies that offer the same products as you. For people to find you online, you have to focus on what your business specializes in.

For example, if you are selling socks, banking on just the keyword “socks” or “socks for sale” will not likely push your site to page 1. However, if you use “rainbow colored wooly socks” or “animal print socks for kids,” you have a better chance of ranking properly.

3. You connect better with your market.

Since long tail keywords have a more natural and conversational tone to them, you tend to develop a more welcoming relationship with your audience. A huge part of a good SEO strategy is delivering well-written content that speaks to your reader like a friend. If you always focus on building high quality and useful articles, you eventually create a loyal following and, with that, traction in search engines. In addition, writing articles based on long tail keywords also helps your content focus the way a broad or general keyword cannot.

In short, the goal of long tail keywords is to answer a specific query to increase your site’s conversion rate. By going the more natural, conversational-sounding route, you connect with your reader better. When this emotional attachment is established, you can expect that a sale will come after.