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Duplicate Content Is A Myth: Here’s Why

There is a lot of talk about how duplicate content can hurt your business and cause Google to drive your site to the farthest back of the list, but we’re here to tell you that’s it’s all just one big fat myth. Truth be told, there really is no such thing as duplicate content or duplicate content penalties. If you understand how Google really works, it being a highly intelligent machine and all, you will know that the term is just a doomsday scenario created by those with not enough knowledge.

They’re all over the Internet — articles and so-called technical audits of how Google treats duplicate content saying that it’s the reason why your site is not getting the attention you want. They’re wrong. Case in point, the Google Webmaster blog resolved this issue way back in 2008: “There’s no such things as a ‘duplicate content penalty.’ At least, not in the way most people mean they say that. You can help your fellow webmasters by not perpetuating the myth of duplicate content penalties!”

Why People Think Duplicate Content Penalties Exists

It’s easy to belief that Google penalizes websites that contain duplicate content by positioning them on page 3 and onwards of search results (where people don’t really bother anymore to browse). However, the way Google works is that it simply filters similar content and chooses one that best represents the typed-in search parameters.

You can test this out yourself by adding &filter+0 to the end of the URL to remove the filtering feature. If you type in “Miami SEO meetup,” you’ll likely see the same page twice. And when you really think about it, the term “duplicate content” is really vague, especially since about 30 percent of the Internet is composed of this.


How Google Reacts To Duplicate Content

All that said, it boils down to presentation. What can you do to make Google see that it should choose you over the other sites that basically say the same thing? That’s the challenge. Don’t just rattle off “duplicate content penalty” because your SEO specialist was just too busy to understand how things work.

Google works by looking for a diverse way to present results based on your given parameters. Hence, it will choose to consolidate articles with similar content and show only one version. There are specific algorithms that place different versions of the same thing into a cluster, from where the “best” is selected to be displayed.

Clearly, it is the system’s design to not present you with exactly the same search results because where’s the fun in that, right? If your page did not get chosen to be on the main display, that doesn’t mean you were penalized. That simply means your version didn’t stick with Google enough to make it notice you. Now, the question is: how do you make Google choose you? That’s another discussion altogether.

Internet Marketing West Palm Beach

Try selling a pen to a room full of people. Physically, there are a lot of things you’ll have to exert effort on if you want your product to sell. You’ll have to consider many physical aspects like the room itself, will it cost a renting fee for your presentation? The people, will they be accommodated well with seats and snacks and beverages? As a marketer, there are situations like these you’d have to think about. Is doing the same thing over and over again cost-efficient for my business? Will it get me more customers? Will my product sell? The world of marketing isn’t a walk in the park, I can tell – but what’s stopping you from looking for new ways to improve your business?

Internet Marketing West Palm Beach WebDesign499Most business owners tend to push away new ideas because they’re simply used to “old methods and more traditional ways” of marketing. An honest question to ask would be, where are they now? Marketing is harsh, there are millions of companies out there battling to be on top, and they all have their own weapons to deal with the competition. But I’m not here to scare you and drive you away from being a successful marketer, in fact – I’m here to help

Technology is something that is continuously advancing each and every day. We should understand that as marketers, we should embrace the improvements as they serve one cause – to make our lives easier. The internet is one of those things. Now it may not necessarily mean that if you do internet marketing, you’ll instantly rise to be above all other businesses, no. It just means that you’ll be closer getting to that spot rather than not engaging in Internet Marketing.  So what is Internet Marketing? What’s Internet Marketing West Palm Beach and what company offers the best of it? In simple terms, it just means marketing with the use of the internet and everything it can offer. What are its benefits? A ton.

Now we all know how we’d try our best not to spend enormous amounts of cash we fear wouldn’t be a good investment. If you like to take your marketing and business to the next level then engaging in internet marketing is an inexpensive way to do just that. Inexpensive how? Think of physical stores you see. All these stores may pay a fee or rent for putting up said store Internet Marketing In West Palm Beach, FLin a location. Some stores have stocks that need room for them to keep in. Now all that would then add up to budgeting and well – more money spending. But with Internet Marketing, you’ll spend lower compared to that of a physical store. Instead of buying more space for you to display your products on, you can spend this on other things like hiring a web designer for your website perhaps?

Internet Marketing West Palm Beach: (561) 506-0398

Speaking of spending and investing money, there are other resources that would cost you less if you do decide to go into internet marketing. What’s a company without its workers and employees? You’d be surprised that with Internet Marketing, you can save a lot on having to pay employees to be at your store all the time (in a physical setting that is). In online marketing, your website is always accessible to anyone and anyone who might be interested and the only time it would close would be when you decide so.

Now the internet has a lot of things in store, don’t get me started. But for the marketing aspect – lots of things on the internet make marketing so good to engage in. Social Media is the bread and butter of Internet marketing as it has a lot of influence and impact on the success of a business. If you do decide to engage in online marketing, there will be customers who’re voices are always heard in social media. Think of YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and especially Facebook – all of these can affect your businesses one way or another. It’s not always an assurance that you’ll get to the top if you decide to slack off with your online business. Word gets around very quickly so if you do well then expect good results are coming your way, if not then – that’s what you get.

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