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Today’s Common Website Design Mistakes

Constructing an aesthetically appealing website is not just a science in itself, but also a bit of an art as well. From the colors and shades all the way to its speed, a lot depends on the personal preferences of the site’s owners and designers. However, there are certain mistakes that should be avoided, irrespective of the design and text elements of the site. Some of them include the following:

The all-important search box

Web Design MistakesThe World Wide Web, at its core, is nothing more than a vast archive of data or information. In fact, there is so much information online that for the average web surfer to find what they are looking for is not really an easy task at all. And often, they end up wasting their valuable time surfing from site to site in search for the relevant data that they need. While search engines can help guide them in the general direction, it is up to the website owner or administrator to make sure they are able to access the desired information on the site itself. This is where a search box might come in handy.

Many sites today often overlook the near critical importance of the seemingly innocuous looking search bar. If for example, it is a site for movie reviews, then a search bar may be able to guide the random searcher directly to the movie they are looking for, rather than going through page after page of views and reviews that they neither the need nor desire to look for. Without that search bar on the top of the site, they will soon lose interest and revert back to the search engine to guide them to a more well-organized site, in spite of the fact that the information they were looking for would actually have been available on the site itself.

Poor legibility or readability

The former essentially feeds of the latter. The simple rule of thumb here is that the lesser the legibility, the more difficult it would be to read the text. This holds even more true for information rather than product based and graphics heavy sites. Using heavily scripted and ‘flowery’ fonts may look really nice from an aesthetically appealing point of view, but if the same are not clearly and lucidly visible enough for easy reading, they will exhaust the eyes (as well as the patience) of the reader who Common Website Design Mistakes - WebDesign499will then be tempted to close the site and move on to a site with more easily digestible contents et el. Moreover, the size of the font matters as well. If it has been deliberately kept too small to basically ‘cram’ the page full of excess information, then it will be very difficult for the viewer to extract the information they want from the pages they read. Yes, information is good – but too much of it on the same page is not.

Lack of organization with regard to content layout

At its core, the main attraction of a website is its content. It is one key point that that acts as a veritable magnet for driving the right traffic towards it. But, merely having content is not all that important, because if it is not displayed properly, the search engines ‘may’ direct traffic towards it; however, the people who visit may not stay for long and thereby significantly increase the bounce rate of the site.

This is why it is all the more important to ensure that the data present on the site is structured in such a manner that the individual visiting it would not need to go anywhere else, in search of the same information. As a matter of fact, the success or alternately its failure is directly dependent on how the content is structured on any particular subject.

Most users will not start reading till they have scanned the overall site in the first few seconds of their visit. If they are able to find certain points of interest on a specific page, they are more likely to stay long enough to actually start reading content, rather than subjecting the same to a cursory perusal.

This is why it is imperative to pepper your web page (or pages, as the case may be) with lots of headings, bullet points, and subheadings so that when the visitor runs his eye over the page, his attention may snag on a particular heading and subheading for long enough to commence reading the actual text beneath the heading, thus ensuring that the main purpose of the site has been served.

Unfortunately, many web designers make the same mistake when it comes to treating their text-based content. They go right ahead and put in a big chunk of text on a page and expect the reader to sift through this humungous volume of information as best as he can. We at WebDesign499 try to make sure that any site we design has been perfected in terms of legibility and content layout so as to make sure that the user has no need to leave in search of the proverbial ‘greener pastures.’

Obsolete content

Web Design Mistakes 2017One of the worst ways of messing up the content of a site is to refrain from updating it periodically or do it at sporadic intervals, at best. This holds even more true if the information is not only outdated but also inaccurate. Such information will end up doing a pretty effective ‘hatchet job’ off destroying your site’s credibility.

This is why all the content present on the site has to remain relevant at all time. In case of product based e-commerce outlets, any product that is not available or sold out should be removed from the site as soon as it is humanly possible to do so.

Temporary pages

If you need to put up a temporary page while your site is being overhauled or reconstructed, then you have to make sure that the time period for such a page does not exceed a fortnight at the very most.

The above mistakes, if rectified earlier, can help ensure that your website continues to attract the kind of traffic that you really need.

Critical Web Design Mistakes To Avoid

The design of your website is the first thing a visitor comes across. If it is boring and unappealing, then it may just be the last thing the visitor will come across on your website. Putting in mind the importance of your website as a marketing tool, there is need to make it attractive and easily navigable to your online visitors. This will encourage them to keep clicking and flipping through your content.
WebDesign499 Website MistakesResearch has shown that at least 90 percent of the customers will search for products online before making a decision to purchase them. Most of these customers will not tolerate spending their time on a poorly designed website. Ease of access and quality of shared information ranks high in online searches. Our experts at the WebDesign499 takes you through the critical web design mistakes to avoid when coming up with your website.

1) Poor Layout
Designing your website without a proper plan is a critical mistake you should avoid. People visiting your site should be in a position to understand the purpose of your business within seconds. You need to know what appeals to your visitors and their preferred communication tools. A homepage that is confusing and misleading will turn away visitors even before they start accessing your content. The general layout of your website should, therefore, be simple enough to appeal to your customers. It should also have a clear plan with visible content in a centralized location to give customers a quick access to the information they need to know.

2) Complicated graphics
Too much art on your website can easily annoy your visitors giving them reasons to navigate away. It is good to have animations and other interesting features on your website but you also have to remember that today’s internet user is more interested in searching rather than surfing. The cleaner your website is, the more likely it is to receive visitors. Much graphics will also just play a role in slowing down your website which is nondesirable for many customers. It is, therefore, good to keep your graphics as simple as possible.

3) Inapplicable content
Your content needs to be relevant to your business so as to appeal to your readers. Generating new content is good for search optimization but you need to stick to your purpose. Not updating your content is also a grave mistake as readers may easily consider your lack of dedication and turn away from your site. Sticking to your purpose also ensure you only attract the right people to your website. You also want to attract visitors who are interested in your business rather than those who aren’t. There is, therefore, need to keep your website up to date with relevant content.

4) No TOS
The statement on the Terms of Service should be somewhere on your site. It appears on the last page in most cases. This is crucial in protecting your business from litigation. Litigation may be brought against your business as a result of damages caused by the use of your site’s content. This damages may be a result of malicious activities by people not related to your business. Hackers, for instance, can interfere with the general operations of your business. It may not be possible to keep track of all the activities happening on your website and hence the need to have a legal basis to cover you in the case of such malice. A TOS is, therefore, a critical component that must be included in the design of your website.

5) Pop-ups
Pop-ups can be very annoying to your visitors as they have to keep opening multiple windows and pages as they flip through your website. In fact, Web Design Errors To Avoid WebDesign499most people have enabled pop-up blocking feature on their browsers since most pop-ups are associated with spam activities. You should, therefore, avoid using pop-ups if you want your content to be accessed by your customers.

6) No contact details
As you design your website, ensure you include clear contact details. Putting general contact information rather than specific contacts may deter customers from pursuing further inquiries on any product that interests them. Most customers prefer a specific email address or phone contact. If you have a blog, you also need to link it to your website. This will enable you to get more visitors to your site and maintain contact with them.

A proper design for your website is a key component of the business image portrayed to your customers. Most customers want to access information in a quick and efficient manner. The growth in the business competition also means you have to be up there to attract customers. A poor layout, complicated graphics, irrelevant content, and pop-ups will just keep potential customers away from your business. Not sharing proper contact details will also deny you an opportunity to interact with them and lacking a TOS statement will just open up your business to possible litigations.

WebDesign499 is a national Web Design & SEO agency based out of North Port, FL, right in the heart of Sarasota County. We have built over 500 professional business websites for our clients and continue to dominate Google traffic with our eye-catching designs. A good website design should not only be appealing and eye pleasing, but it should be able to rank properly on the search engines to bring traffic and a return on investment as well. WebDesign499 can be contacted at (561) 506-0398 or by visiting our website @ https://www.webdesign499.com.


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