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Social Media & SEO: How The Likes Of Facebook & Twitter Affect Your Search Rankings

One reliable way to measure engagement and opinion about a website is to check what people are saying on social media. Search engines are able to pick up on market opinion posted on the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and use the data gathered to determine what ranking it will award the site. Thus, if you want your website to get a page one appearance on searches, you should not take your social media presence for granted.


Will social links help boost your searching ranking? Many professional online marketers believe that this is so.


Google and Your Social Media Profile


While sharing pages or posts on social media do not heavily affect your site’s ranking in searches, they have a huge impact on the how the results turn out. In fact, when you search for something on Google, its Facebook or Twitter page often shows up on page one listings. If you search “Pepsi” for instance, the company’s official social media pages almost always appear at the top, depending on how many followers it has.


One good thing about social media profiles is that they create a personal connecition the market. That’s why researchers view its engagement and likes as a good gauge of its general personality. Isn’t it true that when you search for a certain company online, you include their official Facebook or Twitter pages as reliable sources of information? If a social media account turns up on search results, there is a big chance that people will click that first.


Social Media Platforms Can Be Searched, As Well


Search engines are not the only place where online users conduct keyword searches. This happens a lot on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, too. If you have an active Twitter account, it’s very possible that people will stumble upon your brand and services after searching for tweets for related keywords. Hashtags are also a great way for people to discover your site so use those wisely.


For now, Google is saying that social signals do not really drive rankings on search engines. However, it seems that the tide is changing and the roles of Facebook and Twitter (and others) on helping your website reach the first page are also evolving. Thus, marketers should not be too quick to dismiss its power to help sites boost traffic and turn a profit. After all, the tech is already there; the next step is just really to maximize its features and then start raking in the gains.