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SEO Website Design Tips: Content Is Still King In 2019

Creating and maintaining an impressive and relevant website takes a lot of time, effort and skill. It’s not just about aesthetics – it’s also about the content, the interface, the mobile-compatibility, etc. When a website has a great design and relevant content, users will be enticed to browse and explore the website longer than expected. If you want to enhance your SEO through website design, below are some practical tips you can apply.

Boost SEO Ranking

When designing a website, you should consider some factors that will greatly affect your page’s SEO edge. For example, you need to consider how fast your page loads. If you are using high-res images on your page, the loading speed is expected to be slow which ends up with a poor user experience. Try to optimize the images and content without compromising quality. You can still have medium-res images while letting users enjoy high-quality loading speed on your website.

Promote Relevant Content

One of the most common mistakes of web designers is putting content that is either irrelevant or full of fluff. Users are now getting smarter and pickier and they tend to lose trust in a website that is offering irrelevant content. This is why it’s very important that content and design always go hand in hand. No matter how beautiful or impressive a website is, if the content is just like an empty shell, the SEO rank and organic traffic will definitely decline.

SEO & Engagement 

Web designers aim to get high SEO rankings and engagement. However, is it really possible to achieve? The answer is yes – it may not be easy, but it is highly possible. You can actually use the power of efficient SEO to gain more engagement from users.

By simply making relevant information on your website accessible, you can slowly gain the trust of users and they will find themselves spending more time browsing your page. Over time, this will bring a great improvement in your website’s SEO ranking.