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Responsive Web Design: 5 Elements To Ensure Mobile Success

You no longer need to be sitting at a desktop computer to access the Internet these days. Technology has made it possible to have that commodity in our hands, as seen by the widespread use of smartphones and tablets. No matter where you are, it’s possible to be online if you have these particular gadgets on hand.

For this reason, businesses have started to invest on the mobile versions of their websites. Although you can always view the desktop version of a certain website on your phone, you may lose some important features of the website because it is not actually fitted for mobile use.

It’s critical for businesses to realize the importance of designing a mobile version of their site to give users the ideal experience. Your online audiences will likely use their phones to check out your site, so ensure yours is mobile friendly. That said, here the five important elements of a mobile-friendly site.

Quick Loading Time

See to it that the mobile version of your site is also fast, or faster, than your desktop site. Make sure that it loads as quickly as possible so your users won’t have to wait for more than three seconds. Regardless of a user’s choice of device, you should always make sure that they get the information they need in a snap, or else, they will end up closing the window and favor another site that offers similar services instead.

Clear Texts

You might own a phone with a larger than than life screen size, but smartphone screens are never big enough, truth be told. Some users may find it difficult to read through the texts with your font choice and size, so you have to make sure that everything that’s printed is not stressful on the eyes. One tip is to choose dark text on a light program for easy reading.

Flexible and Clear Images

Because of the size of your phone screen, the images may come off too small or blurry. Make sure that the images found on your site can be enlarged and can be zoomed in and out seamlessly to give users a better view of a product you want to promote. If they can’t see images properly, then don’t expect them to purchase it.

Easy Navigation/Clear Contact Information

Aside from directly viewing the product or viewing the information on a particular service, web users would normally find a way to contact you. Make sure that your mobile site has a clickable contact information for users to reach you in a few clicks. Don’t give them a hard time finding how and when to get in touch.

Responsive Web Design

Businesses and organizations have two options when creating a website. One is to hire a web designer to create a separate design for the mobile site. Another option is to go for responsive web design, a process in which a website adapts itself to whatever gadget a user is holding.

Having a professional website means hiring a professional developer. A fully integrated and customized design is important for a business to efficiently represent a brand name. This will show the audience how serious a business is with what it is doing. This is important to build credibility. It will also impress customers and potential clients. Surely, having an agency to provide the best web solutions is a great deal. One should then be smart enough to hire the best company there is.