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Marketing Your Small Business Online: 5 Easy-To-Follow SEO Tips

With the dawn of the Internet age comes the era of online marketing and SEO. Small businesses benefit from these three letters that stand for “search engine optimization” because it helps them to be found online. Basically, this is a technique used for online marketing through improving your company’s “presence” in the worldwide web, thereby reaching more potential customers.

At first, thinking about employing SEO can be quite daunting, especially if you have no idea what it is and how it works. Thus, here are five important things you should remember to market your small business online with the help of search engine optimization.

Establish Social Media Accounts or a Blog

Establishing a good online presence begins with creating social media accounts and a website or blog for your business. Sometimes, small business entrepreneurs neglect the power of social media until their customers ask for their Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages. At that point, they scramble with creating social media accounts for their shop that they end up sacrificing its content.

Smart business owners’ social accounts should have SEO friendly pages. This means that the “About” and “Information” fields should be filled up in a way that potential customers would easily find the information they need, such as the business address and contact information.

Build Quality Backlinks

When creating a blog, entrepreneurs should ensure to abide by “white hat” SEO tactics or those that focus on the audience and not the search engines. This includes keyword analysis and optimization, writing quality content, and backlinking.

This form of white hat SEO involves establishing links to your business’s website or blog by means of social media or other reputable websites. Experts explain that backlinking now requires human focus and should be done through building good website-to-website relationships. This is so that search engines, like Google, will consider your website to be of superior quality and authority. This would result in a better position for your webpage in the SERP or the Search Engine Results Pages.

For those who have little knowledge about SERPs, search engines determine a website’s ranking by considering factors like backlinks. If your website has a higher SERP rank, it would have a better chance of getting found online.

Explore Google+

Some people do not see the benefits of Google+; but smart business owners who are looking to succeed in online marketing through SEO should never take this for granted. This is because websites that are shared via this platform tend to gain better ranking in the search engine results pages on Google. After all, the company owns Google+ and is the biggest and most used search engine in the world.

According to SEO specialists, small business owners who want to have a higher chance of getting found online should consider spending at least 10 minutes a day in sharing their website’s content to their Google+ account. Better yet, they should sign up for a Google+ Business Page and make sure to maximize the “About” page with enough keywords that would land the website a good spot in the SERPs.

Create Keyword-Rich Content

When writing a blog for a small business’s website, it is important to use keywords that the target market would be searching for online. Make sure to use them as often as possible without sacrificing white hat SEO with keyword stuffing. Use a lot of keywords that are significant to the products or services you offer by using the Google Adwords Keywords tool that can be accessed even without having an Adwords account.

Optimize Your Content For Mobile Readers

No matter what your business might be, you should remember to create your website or blog in a way that can cater the huge chunk of the population who use smartphones in their Google searches. If your website is mobile-friendly, potential customers would easily see the information they need, thereby increasing the chances that for the users to acquire products and services offered by the shop.