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How A Press Release Helps Your SEO Strategy

Getting to page one of search results requires a consistent and dedicated effort on your part. Just because your website achieved front page status now doesn’t mean this won’t change later in the day. There will always be a competitor who is ready to bump you off and push you to the back.


Whether you’re working on your website alone or have a team backing you up, your SEO strategy will benefit from creative efforts. For this part, we’re discuss the role of a press release in your campaign.


What Is A Press Release?


Traditionally in PR, a press release is used as a way to share information, such as a new product or service, an event or a statement. In online terms, it can be strongly linked to your SEO strategy, as well. You can use it to incorporate keywords that would help people find or discover your website. You can also hyperlink to certain pages on your site. Plus, as is the classic nature of a press release, it will be distributed to dozens of quality websites, thus prompting Google to bump you to page one results.


PR and Your SEO Strategy


Because of its traditional format, most online marketers and website owners don’t recognize the power of a well-optimized press release in bringing a new market in. Making one doesn’t really require knowledge of rocket science. When you understand basic SEO rules, you can craft press releases yourself — no need to outsource. So, how do you do it?


  1. Decide on the news that you want to announce. Do you have a new product? Are you launching a new service? Did you win any awards recently or secured a key account? Identify what exactly you want to promote and that’s where your press released will be based on.


  1. Follow the template. The format for an online press release is the same as the traditional one. There are plenty of resources around the Internet that give you access to templates, so this part should be easy.


  1. Put important keywords in.


  1. Accompany your press release with an image to boost visual appeal. Or you can just attach your company’s logo. If you’re feeling experimental, you can add a video or more hyperlinks in.


  1. Put your important contact information in and start distributing it to quality press release sites and news outlets online. If you know any journalists or people with an already wide Internet network, you can ask them to post your PRs, as well.


Google probably won’t admit it, but many businesses have achieved positive results by posting SEO-optimized press releases online. When a potential customer types in keywords to search, a well-distributed PR, combined with your usual Internet marketing tactics, will result in a front page posting. Do understand that this is not going to happen overnight. But with the vastness of the Internet, you can’t leave any stone unturned. Press releases are an easy and free way to boost your SEO.