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Email Marketing: 5 Reasons Why It Should Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy

Whoever said email marketing is dead does not know how to maximize the opportunities from this channel at all. In fact, with the growing number of Internet users and a parallel volume of new email subscribers, this method remains one of the most effective.

Many will argue that social media is the way to go these days. While they are not wrong, they are not totally correct. Why? There is a huge difference between how Internet users digest emails and how they view social media posts and messages. In fact, research has shown that email marketing delivers an ROI of 3,800 percent, making it a formidable advertising platform for businesses.

Here are five reasons why you should include sales emails in your digital marketing strategy.

People check for new email, but the just skim social media timelines

There’s so much going on in everyone’s timelines and news feeds that it feels like you’re in a crowded room and everybody’s talking at the same time. Email offers a one-on-one atmosphere and potential customers get to see who you are in a steady-paced manner. There’s no noise and no unnecessary chatter. Research also shows that emails are checked at least twice a day for updates and majority have one or two accounts. Meanwhile, people have an average of five social media accounts and just scroll through most of them mindlessly.

An email doesn’t get drowned in a news feed

With so many new posts getting added, like, and shared, it seems that the social media news feed never ends. When you skip a post and want to get back to it later, it can be very difficult to find it again. Meanwhile, an email stays where it is — in your inbox, until you decide to move it elsewhere. You might not have the time to see it now, but you can definitely find it easily when you’re ready.

Your promo is personalized

An email feels like you’re talking to your customer one-to-one. If you have a list of addresses, you can also find the time to get to know the owners of these emails better so you can connect with them on a more personal level. This establishes a more positive and genuine rapport, as opposed to a generic call to action posted on your Twitter or Facebook page.

You get to speak directly to your target market

As a digital marketer or business owner, surely you know better than to just blast off your sales email to random addresses and pray somebody will reply. No. The strategist will be smart to list email addresses of people who might actually find something value from what you are offering. Usually, this list comes from those who registered at the trade show you recently participated in, or the people who dropped their business cards inside your fishbowl at the conference.

Email provides a sense of privacy

Because an email is personal, it gives your potential customer a higher sense of privacy compared to the general posts on social media news feeds. The more people feel secure about an offer, the greater the possibility that they will engage with you and provide information. The more they respond, the more targeted and personalized your replies will be.

Of course, there is a right way and wrong way to write a marketing email. First, just because there’s plenty of space on the Compose box, doesn’t mean you should fill it. Make your email short and direct to the point. Even if your business has so many things to offer, you should focus on just one product for now and make that one shine. The rest can be mentioned as backup or saved for another time.

Second, online readers hate beating around the bush, so state your purpose right off the bat. Whether you’re announcing a launch, offering a new deal, or getting your reader to buy, say so right away. Third, don’t forget your links and make your call to action easy to find. That’s how you drive traffic to your site. And when you reader finally gives you a call, replies to your email, or instantly clicks “buy,” then you’ve succeeded. Congratulations!