This is Why SEO and Social Media Can Boost Your Marketing Campaign

SEO and social media are often thought of as marketing practices that are mutually exclusive. Most companies or businesses have already set up their own websites where they can feature everything about their company. Having a website is a great way to connect and interact with your existing clients, as well as reach your target market. However, this won’t be possible without SEO.

On the other hand, business owners have also recognized the importance of having a good and effective social marketing team that will handle the promotion of the company’s products and/or services. Times have certainly changed in the aspect of marketing or promoting a particular brand. Many organizations rely on the Internet to advertise and show off what they can offer.

So how can these two methods boost your marketing campaign? Read on to find out.

Share Content Across Platforms

Search Engine Optimization could be a tricky world and there are a lot of things you need to know and keep in mind, including the need for services in the design of various social media sites that you are using to promote. With the right design, blueprint and overall look, it will be a lot easier for you to encourage and get the attention of your future clients.

Whether you are currently running a local operation, a small business or are interested to start growing it globally, the statistics could be more important. One thing is for sure: all your customers are online. Almost 90 percent of people around the world are using social media to interact and purchase the different products and services they need. This means that you will have better sales when you expand your local business; not just on social media, but through organic SEO, as well.

Social Media vs. SEO

Small businesses do not only use social media to promote their products and services. Even big recruitment advertising agencies use these to increase their online presence. One of the agencies that have made a big switch is andSome. According to the agency’s co-founder Mark Rice, this switch made a big statement for the firm. The switch has gathered 2,000 followers on Twitter and more than 200 likes on Facebook. But does social media marketing only work for certain industries?

Creating a blog on WordPress, Tumblr, or any other blog site is very cheap. You don’t need to spend much just to create an online presence. However, you still need to make an investment so you can pay for the additional features.

With social media services, you don’t have to pay for anything because they are for free. You just need to create an account or a page to promote your business online. You also don’t need to watch over your page the whole day just to see if there is an improvement.

But this type of marketing strategy isn’t enough for some industries. If you are in e-commerce, you should create your own website to post the products you are selling and work on your SEO along with it.

Christopher Schwarz, the chief executive of Outreach Kings, says that it is important to consider the return of time invested. He also says that there are certain businesses that become popular because of social media, while there are industries that need to create websites for their business.

Which Is More Important?

SEO and social media have their own importance. They increase both your sales and your online presence. Time and hard work are also necessary to increase your visibility. If you don’t put your 100 percent effort into your marketing plan, these strategies will be useless.

Web Development Vs. Web Design : The Differences

Businesses that have branched out to the digital marketplace are in search of both web development and web design. These terms have often been used interchangeably, but there are actually stark differences between these two website building processes. For one, each requires different skill sets.

If you’re trying to build a website, it’s crucial you know the differences between web development and web design. It’s also worth noting that you need both for your business, so let’s define each of these processes and find out how they can help you.

Web Design and Web Development in a Nutshell

Essentially, web design is the term used to refer to the usability and visual aesthetics of a website. This includes the layout, color scheme, information flow, and every visual element of a website. Web designers mainly use design programs like Adobe Photoshop to create an attractive and usable space.

Meanwhile, web development governs all the code that makes a website functional. This aspect involves the more complicated part of building a website, as it includes PHP, Javascript, CSS, HTML, and other programming languages that make a website move.

Web Design

Web designers usually start their work by finding out what the objective of a client is. Only then can he move on to the next step — Information Architecture (IA). IA sets a website’s information hierarchy in order for the design process to be easier.

Before the design stage, web designers need to create wireframes first. This involves basic design principles to come up with a layout that’s pleasing to look at and, at the same time, provides the user with a seamless experience.

Navigation is a top priority of the web designer, because he’s the one who’s most responsible for it. For example, 404 errors can be fixed by the technicians of the site. As for the look and feel of every page, it solely rests in the hands of the web designer. He should also inform the webmaster with regard to sitemap usage in case there are too many orphaned pages lying about.

Web Development

Also called programmers, web developers build a site that’s fully functional out of the design. It’s the developer’s job to bring a picture to life and make sure that it becomes interactive for the users. In a nutshell, dynamic websites are those that are fully customizable and updateable; thanks to special scripting and programming languages used during the development cycle.

Web development also includes the use of several tools, ranging from debugging tools to framework tools, testing tools to optimizing tools, and documentation tools to security tools.

Because of web development, sites are becoming more and more self-contained, organized, and easy to manipulate. Many of the things that web developers were forced to write up and program individually can now be streamlined, compartmentalized, and organized using a variety of useful tools and features. These ensure a more efficient and versatile site.

Building a Website

If you’re planning to create a website for your business, always remember:

  1. Define your objectives
  2. Identify your budget
  3. Deal with providers
  4. Choose the right company

When dealing with the providers that closely match your requirements, you should be able to examine how much of experts they truly are. Find out about designs that they have already made. Check to see if they offer support in case there are hiccups in the system and in the design. Would they be readily available to coordinate with you at all times? Make sure that you discuss your timeframe and have them assure you that they will stay within schedule and budget.

5 Web Design Trends Your Business Should Apply In 2018

One of the ways to survive in the tough business environment of a global economy in crisis is through an aggressive online marketing campaign. This can be made possible by hiring the technical expertise of adaptive web design firms that can make a compelling website and also know SEO.

These firms offer other related services such Pay Per Click (PPC), provide analytics and periodic reports to your company, and email web hosting, among others. Every business owner must know the benefits that each of these services can do. It also helps if within the organization an IT and content expert is hired to maintain the website and the company’s database.

Once you have hired the services of a web design expert, develop an internal IT program or plan for these technologies to be synchronized. Assign a team dedicated to online marketing alone.

The team’s function can include creating content and blogs for the website, providing graphics, videos, or photos. It is not good to rely on catalogues or readily available templates since it curtails the creativity of the team. Good managers know how to hire talents and tap into the potential of its human resources.

Websites provide companies with a tool to gauge what the public wants. Hence, it has to be managed well to protect the reputation of your business. The demands of the market changes with the advancement of technology and availability of new resources. Thus, companies will need to adapt if they want to remain relevant. Here are five web design trends your business should start following this year.

Long-Form Multimedia

To bring your products and services to life, immersive multimedia long-form should be used. This trend is growing in popularity in 2018, and is far richer than any blog post or infographic. With the use of multimedia, your online audience is able to visualize what you’re offering, resulting to a compelling marketing initiative.

We’ve seen this in various media outlets, including National Geographic, ESPN, and CNN, so there’s no reason businesses shouldn’t follow suit. Long-form multimedia is a brand new way of storytelling, and helps customers foresee and somewhat experience what you can deliver.

Principles-First Web Design

Your website shouldn’t be just for your existing customers. You should always assume that anyone can stumble upon your website with no prior knowledge of what your business is all about. For this reason, your website should be designed in a way that represents your brand clearly and correctly, so that even new visitors will know at a glance what you’re trying to tell.

Web Books

According to Forbes, web books are ebooks of the future. Think of your website as a grand representation of your brand; meaning you have to establish authority over a certain topic, service, or product. If you have information that can be valuable to your customers or potential customers, make sure to integrate it to your website well, and give your visitors the option to download it. For sure, your visitors will thank you for the imparted knowledge.


Anyone whose time is mostly spent on the internet knows for a fact that videos are a huge thing. Everybody is into watching videos, whether for fun or for educational purposes. On your website, don’t just offer written content. Give your users something to watch. This will encourage them to stay in your website more.

Playing with Color

Colors do not exist just for the sole purpose of not having to settle for black and white. In fact, color psychology is a legit thing. Choosing colors efficiently will benefit your website, so tread lightly on this matter. The good thing is, there are now tools available in order to generate the right palette for your website. This should make it easier for you to execute.

5 Reasons Why Every Business Website Should Have A Blog

People are pretty much active on the Internet these days. With all the information made available in the market, people should be able to screen the material that contain information that bring good use to them. This is the reason why businesses should pursue the quest of broadening their knowledge so that they can compose a useful and intriguing blog.

Business blogs are the rightful term used for a blog that promotes a certain product, service, or business. It can demonstrate the advantages and benefits of a product. With our keenness on the Internet, companies need to realize that having an official blog is a proper investment. Here are the reasons why.

Blogs are Cost-Effective

Business blogs are worth every promotional and marketing effort. The cost of maintaining such site is not that expensive compared to the other tools used to advertise. With the advancement of technology and the inclination of people to the Internet, blogs as a form of promotional tool has proven to be effective.

Majority of Web Users Prefer Getting Information from Blogs

Blogs have become part of the mainstream instead of merely a portal for web updates and personal news. When people discovered how it could also serve as a means to break tech news, provide an insider’s point of view regarding important issues, or serve as an instantaneous means of communication between businesses and customers. Many press releases have been put on Twitter (a “micro” blogging site) and official blogs, particularly tech blogs whose authors are more than happy to oblige their audience’s demand for more info on any (relevant) subject, even if it’s something as inane as discussing techie humor.

Blogs Give You the Authority

Producing content related to your products and services brings you a step closer to being an authority in the industry. Most people turn to online sources for knowledge, and if you have the technical know-how, they wouldn’t need anything else but your blog to feed them. Always make sure that your blog has a more than enough library of information to get people talking.

Blogging is also a way for you to gain “votes” from users and other sites, by way of backlinks. This is essential when it comes to improving your ranking in SERPs.

Blogging Builds Relationships

Aside from your social media presence, your blog is also a way to generate engagement among followers and potential customers. Make sure your comment section is always open for discussion, as this will encourage more people to express their thoughts on a certain subject.

Also, you should also answer each question you get from every blog post. By responding to your readers’ comments, you’re showing them a genuine service, which in the long run will develop into trust.

Blogging is a Way to Get Leads

Presuming your blog is already getting the traffic you expect, this is the opportunity to convert that into leads. In each blog post, make sure that you add a call-to-action, something that encourage customers to give their contact information confidently. This is where your sales team comes in. Have them follow up those leads to convert them into buying and loyal customers.

Through blogging, you can create a network of Internet users who are loyal to reading your posts. They are called loyal because they subscribe to your mailing list and follow you on social networking sites and also become fans in these platforms. However, you should maintain your blog not only to sell merchandise but also to welcome other opportunities, as well. There is nothing wrong in entertaining a stream of profit opportunities through creating high quality blogs.

Responsive Web Design: 5 Elements To Ensure Mobile Success

You no longer need to be sitting at a desktop computer to access the Internet these days. Technology has made it possible to have that commodity in our hands, as seen by the widespread use of smartphones and tablets. No matter where you are, it’s possible to be online if you have these particular gadgets on hand.

For this reason, businesses have started to invest on the mobile versions of their websites. Although you can always view the desktop version of a certain website on your phone, you may lose some important features of the website because it is not actually fitted for mobile use.

It’s critical for businesses to realize the importance of designing a mobile version of their site to give users the ideal experience. Your online audiences will likely use their phones to check out your site, so ensure yours is mobile friendly. That said, here the five important elements of a mobile-friendly site.

Quick Loading Time

See to it that the mobile version of your site is also fast, or faster, than your desktop site. Make sure that it loads as quickly as possible so your users won’t have to wait for more than three seconds. Regardless of a user’s choice of device, you should always make sure that they get the information they need in a snap, or else, they will end up closing the window and favor another site that offers similar services instead.

Clear Texts

You might own a phone with a larger than than life screen size, but smartphone screens are never big enough, truth be told. Some users may find it difficult to read through the texts with your font choice and size, so you have to make sure that everything that’s printed is not stressful on the eyes. One tip is to choose dark text on a light program for easy reading.

Flexible and Clear Images

Because of the size of your phone screen, the images may come off too small or blurry. Make sure that the images found on your site can be enlarged and can be zoomed in and out seamlessly to give users a better view of a product you want to promote. If they can’t see images properly, then don’t expect them to purchase it.

Easy Navigation/Clear Contact Information

Aside from directly viewing the product or viewing the information on a particular service, web users would normally find a way to contact you. Make sure that your mobile site has a clickable contact information for users to reach you in a few clicks. Don’t give them a hard time finding how and when to get in touch.

Responsive Web Design

Businesses and organizations have two options when creating a website. One is to hire a web designer to create a separate design for the mobile site. Another option is to go for responsive web design, a process in which a website adapts itself to whatever gadget a user is holding.

Having a professional website means hiring a professional developer. A fully integrated and customized design is important for a business to efficiently represent a brand name. This will show the audience how serious a business is with what it is doing. This is important to build credibility. It will also impress customers and potential clients. Surely, having an agency to provide the best web solutions is a great deal. One should then be smart enough to hire the best company there is.

6 SEO Trends That Will Fire Up Your 2018 Strategy

In every endeavor, it is highly advised that its objective and goal must be set and achieved. The same concept holds true when you are trying to establish or maintain your website. Unless you are just doing it as a hobby or a pastime, you have to ensure that your website must be able to gain enough web traffic so it can achieve its objectives or goals, which are most commonly monetization results.

In 2018, SEO continues to be the king of all marketing efforts done online. But no matter how simple its application may seem, SEO is a constantly evolving technique that all marketers and business owners need to keep up with.

To fire up your SEO strategy this year, here are the trends you need to start practicing.

  1. Secure Links (SSL)

Google has ramped up its efforts to making sure that web users are protected and are only provided with secure services. It’s the reason why secured website certificates are of utmost importance these days. It’s important that your site begins with HTTPS, a mark that browsing is safe. Getting your site secured is an inexpensive and one of the easiest ways to boost your SEO ranking this year.

  1. Useful Content

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing in web content. Today, the success of your SEO strategy depends on how relevant your content is in accordance to a searcher’s query. Google prioritizes sites and pages with content that is marked by quality — something people are likely to click and engage in when firing up a search engine.

  1. Voice Search

The viability of voice search as a modern way of making queries online has prompted many marketers to focus on creating content that’s more conversational, as opposed to the usual practice of revolving around a specific keyword. These days, it’s all about how well a user understands the answers your page provide. Naturally, a page that has all the information that a searcher needs wins the SEO ranking.

  1. Long Form Content

Apart from useful content, Google now favors long-form content. According to studies, users have now started to prefer content with 1,500 words or more and they are getting more organic traffic than shorter articles. Studies have also found that long-form content is more likely to be shared and receives more backlinks. Hiqh-quality writing is the focus here; so when discussing a topic online, it’s important that users get all the information they need in a single article.

  1. Video SEO

SEO Tips & TricksUsers’ online behavior have changed rapidly over the years, with more people favoring videos now than any form of content. In fact, a study conducted by Cisco in 2017 stated that by 2021, videos will account for almost 90% percent of internet traffic. With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, it’s important for marketers and businesses to start investing on video SEO to be more relevant on the web.

  1. Mobile Optimization

The world we live in today heavily relies on mobile phones, and thus Google’s change to mobile-first index wasn’t exactly a surprise. In 2018, Google will place its priority on websites that have mobile versions, something that users can easily access and view using their smartphones and tablets. Google requires a responsive design in order to rank well in SERPs, which is why this idea must be considered by businesses and digital marketers.

It’s also important to consider site speed. Google itself announced that site speed is a ranking factor and drives higher conversion rates, which in turn encourages ROI.

5 Ways Your SEO Strategy Can Help Build Authority & Trust

Google’s trust factor is a combination of many elements that determine the value of a website. The more authentic a site is seen, the more likely it will pushed up on Google searches. Authority, on the other hand, is the expertise your site gives on any given subject. Your authority establishes your brand, and when you are seen by users as a credible site, again, your search rank is improved.

Without authority and trust, your just another copy of your competitors. Your goal is to come up with an SEO strategy that not only the digital world will understand, but to the millions of web users as well. With these two, your online presence is strengthened, making your digital marketing strategy a success.

  1. Localization

Public Leader

Localization is a big deal because it narrows down your audience. Plus, the visitors who do come to your site will not be wasting your bandwidth because you’ve rendered your SEO to target them. The only visitors you’ll be getting are interested, paying customers.

Local SEO is basic Internet marketing. An Internet marketing campaign all starts with your website. The best way for your website to get hits is to establish its niche locally and target readers using the proper keywords during the development stage. It’s easier to target an audience while building your site than to do so after the fact.

  1. The Perfect Domain Name

It’s essential for your site to have the perfect domain name, as well. Naturally, your keywords should match it too. One great trick you can try out in order to make your website stand out is to disambiguate what it’s all about through keywords. Unless you’re Apple (which already has solid branding), people will have no idea what your website is for. If Apple were not famous and unknown, it would be called Apple Computers or Apple Electronics. You should do the same for your company.

  1. Keywords and Key Phrases

Speaking of which, you should also research carefully the keywords and key phrases necessary in order to assist search engines to better categorize your website. Keywords are essentially your way of predicting the most common search terms your niche market will type in case they’re interested in visiting sites like yours to buy your wares, read your content, watch your videos, and so forth.

  1. Meta Tags, Image Tags, and Meta Descriptions

When search engines crawl to a given site using its robots and whatnot, they expect your page to at least contain a modicum of meta descriptions to help their crawlers better organize your site. These also establish its relevance on certain keywords and key phrases. You should concentrate less on quantity and more on quality meta tags that are in light with the visible keywords you’ve included in your web content.

  1. Quality Content

Content writing requires great skill in composing articles that are not only relevant but also unique. Writers must be willing to adapt to the constantly shifting algorithms, especially with regard to keyword densities, backlinking, and the like. Knowing just how SEO algorithms work and how it can be managed is essential when building a particular website.

Since you’re already on your way to improve your search rankings, make sure the speed of your site is improved as well. Google said that sites that generate information faster are more likely to have high conversation rates. Furthermore, improve your social media marketing as well. Google is now more on prioritizing the human element of sites and pages, meaning you have to make sure your site is engaging and user-friendly.

Gaining trust and building your authority is not always easy, and it can be a long process. You have to spend a healthy amount of time and effort to be successful.

Google AdWords Evolves To Include Video; What This Means For Your Business

There are many ways to increase your exposure to your customers in order to attract more profits through the use of the Internet. As the world has continuously advanced to another level when it comes to advertising, businessmen have seen the advantages of making use of the existing ways that are widely used by their fellows. They have managed to utilize the services offered by some advertising companies through online tools that have become popular. The success of using them, however, is greatly dependent on the way that you understand them and the expertise of the advertising company that you turn to.

Google AdWords at Work

You can see these days how Google AdWords is being employed by people who wish to bring more customers to their sites with just one click. There are many ways to promote your products. One of the most used is online advertising because of the ease and the rate at which it can reach your target market.

One advantage of Google AdWords is that you can save because the price is dependent only on the clicks that they receive. Having many clicks will mean that X number of people have seen it. This can create a positive result because it creates awareness. Your goal is to be visible and you can get that through this service.

Google AdWords Presents Outstream Video Ads

AdWords now comes with a new video format that allows users to expand their video campaigns beyond the confines of YouTube. Called Outstream video ads, ads will automatically play on a user’s screen, although the sound is turned off. It is up to the user to turn it into if the ad piques his or her interest by way of a simple tap. Users can also restart the video if they want to view it again.

For advertisers, they will only be paid if the ad can be seen in full by the user. This means that if the video is located at the bottom and the user hasn’t reached it yet, then the advertiser will not be charged for an impression.

Business owners can take advantage of this new ad format, considering that many web users these days are video-driven. In fact, one study showed that by 2021, most Internet traffic will come solely from videos. Outstream is now available and advertisers can already start adding their campaigns.

Benefits of Choosing AdWords for Businesses

More Customers

With the help of AdWords, you can gather many customers that might try out your business. There might be some other blog sites that placed Adwords that link to your website, and their viewers might become your next customers. This is a great investment if you are trying to move to the Internet to promote your services further.

Building Relationships

Adwords are also known to promote link building between two or more websites. This helps domains build relationships or partnerships with each other. This will also allow you to help out other businesses in exchange for their support for your offerings.

The goal of Google AdWords is to increase the number of customer sof an entity, an establishment, or a company perhaps by giving them a prominent space whenever something is searched on Google. A page 1 result is ideal. With Outstream video ads, your chances have just gotten better.

What You Have to Know About Conversion Optimization

To improve a website’s results, you need to apply strategies that will increase the chances of readers actually buying your products and services. Conversion optimization is an Internet marketing strategy that aims to increase the percentage of visitors and convert them into customers. There are marketing and design tactics that can be applied to the landing page to make your site more appealing and convince people to stay and keep reading.

Web Design Network Computer Www Web Design

How Conversion Optimization Works

Setting up your site to be conversion optimized is easy because there are plenty of agencies already offering the service on the Internet. The most common problem consumers encounter is the difficulty in understanding how the entire process works and what it actually means for business, especially clients who are creating a business website for the first time.

Conversion optimization is also known as conversion rate optimization or CRO. CRO refers to the method that makes use of different types of user feedback and site clicking behavior to improve the performance of certain pages (or entire domains).

Here’s what CRO services can do.

  • Increase your social media response and connect better with customers
  • Review all customers’ calls and queries
  • Guide the goals of your target customers and create the page based on their needs
  • Create a powerful and convincing call to action
  • Provide a design and brand experience to all websites from PPC, social media, or email
  • Evaluate your business objectives and incorporating them into the optimization strategy
  • Use multivariate testing, including content, page layout, and headlines
  • Optimization of the landing page so that potential customers can navigate further and check out the other sections
  • Placing of efficient URLs related to your business
  • Providing security tools
  • Manage the reputation of your business or website so that users will remember it and come back for a visit (eventually leading to a sale).

Simply put, conversion optimization helps you design your website in such a way that boosts your chances of having visitors not just reading more but actually getting in touch with you to buy something. Better, these readers will want to send you an email or call to find out more about what you are offering. CRO services will analyze and predict what these triggers are so that you can place them at strategic locations all over your website.

Online Business Basics

Setting up and handling an e-commerce business is the same as working on a brick-and-mortar setup. The environment is different and there are technical skills that need to be understood, but the principles remain the same. Every business, no matter what platform it is in, should have the following:

  • ROI factor (return on investment)
  • Competitiveness
  • Accountability
  • Dedication

These factors will help determine how you start your website and what strategies will boost its chances of success.

Return on Investment (ROI)

The ROI factor provides you with a complete and detailed idea of how much you are going to spend and receive in return. This will tell you what kind of conversion optimization service you should settle for and how much you should spend on your website. Hiring the right professional to take care of the back end for you is, therefore, crucial.

Efficient Business Blogging: Essential Tips for Upgrading Your Business Website

To keep your business information up-to-date and generate more sales, having a business website is essential. Simply owning a website that does not describe your services accurately and exerts no effort in bringing in more revenue is just a waste of a powerful tool.

Before setting it up, it is important to keep the objectives of the business in mind, which is informing visitors about the products and services, building a relationship with the clients, and driving more sales. If your website is just for aesthetic purposes and brings no value to your revenue, you need to think about updating or rebuilding it so it becomes a profitable tool, instead of just a passive placeholder.

Be Clear About The Purpose Of Your Site

You need to think about the purpose of the website and what the needs of your business are. It can be used to inform your potential customers about your products so that they can buy them from your store. You can also set up an e-commerce site to sell goods and services directly. Beyond selling, your site can be used to build a relationship with your customers, where they are free to ask questions about your offerings or find latest updates about the industry.

You need to realize that a website serves several purposes and the design and content will depend on how you prioritize these. Once you have laid these out (especially with your designer and developer), you can start its construction, keeping in mind that every page should be tailor-fit to your goals.

Give Importance to Design

There are many websites offering similar services. To stand out and attract more clients, you need to first appeal to people visually. Making a good first impression is crucial. Majority of Internet users will not give sites a second chance, considering there are just too many online. Of course, you also must follow through in terms of ease of use and quality of service. 

Create Quality Content

Business blogs must provide readers with interesting materials that they can actually use. You content must be crafted in a way that would encourage them to search for more information via the links provided within. This will not only further increase your relevance, search-wise; it is also the most acceptable outcome especially for affiliate marketers or those who want to earn via pay-per-click methods.

Essential Properties Of A Business Blog

Below are six essential elements of an effective business website.

  1. Easy to navigate
  2. Positive interaction with customers
  3. An attractive design
  4. Powerful content
  5. Credibility
  6. Mobile responsiveness

The company’s image is an intangible asset. It is also among the most valuable. This means that your clients trust your brand and are willing to hand over their money to ensure that you continue doing what you are doing. A business that embraces a strong image and takes care of its branding won’t have to try that hard to get more and retain clients.