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7 Common Web Design Mishaps You Should Avoid For Better SEO

When designing a website, people often make mistakes that tip off the balance of aesthetics and search engine optimization. While it is well and good to create a stunning homepage for your users to land on, it is also important to help search engines find the page. After all, how will users know how to get to your website if search engines cannot even find it?

Ideally, a website should provide the best user-friendly experience, a continuous flow of leads, and unending revenue for its owner. However, this cannot be achieved when you or your web designer make these 7 common web design mishaps that aren’t best-suited for SEO.

  1. Missing H1 Tags

Picturesque websites don’t necessarily perform well in terms of traffic. Even with their well thought out graphics and text, there are certain pages that don’t get many visitors. Why? Because the web designer probably forgot to add essential SEO elements.

Among the most common mistakes made is the absence of H1 tags. Some developers remove it simply because it messes up the appearance of the home page, but the truth is, they are removing an essential factor in the website’s SEO performance. Experts explain that H1 tags are actually the first thing crawlers look at to determine what the page is all about. They factor it into ranking based on a website’s targeted keywords. This means no H1 tags equals no high rank in the SERPs.

  1. Unclear Call To Action

Call-to-Action (CTA) answers the “what,” “where,” and “how” for most small business websites. However, the lack of a clear CTA will reduce the conversion of visitors the website gets. Because of this, it is imperative that a website— especially those engaging in entrepreneurship— should have clear CTAs that come in the form of buttons with the texts “Subscribe Now,” “Add To Cart,” and so on.

  1. Huge Media Files and Images

Massive media and image files can slow down a website’s load speed. Since today’s SEO best practice is about great user experience, this obviously makes it more difficult for users to achieve their purpose in accessing the website and, in turn, is bad for page ranking.

Learn to balance aesthetics with optimization by reducing image files to a relatively smaller size, choosing the right file format for images, and maximizing the SEO potential of all non-text content of the page.

  1. Popups

Search engines don’t like websites with a lot of popup windows in it as it interrupts the user. Because of this, Google warned that web designers should avoid incorporating such interstitials. The same is true for mobile. Make sure to reconsider other advertisement formats to avoid popups as much as possible.

  1. Incorporated Text in Images

Incorporating text in images makes it harder for search engines to crawl the content. But even with this knowledge, the problem seems to be more widespread than you’d imagine. Check if texts in your website are added as another layer if it needs to be put on top of an image to ensure that it can be “read” or “seen” properly by Google’s bots. After all, users and search engines don’t view it the same way.

  1. Unending Scroll

Adding scroll is not fundamentally bad for a website’s SEO. That is, of course, if it is done the right way.

Some websites have a seemingly unending scroll that loads more content while users continue to browse down the page. This not only takes a longer loading time but also impedes the users’ experience in the process.

One alternative is to cut to the most recent posts, but this also has an SEO disadvantage since web crawlers can only read websites through links and have no way to know if there is more content beyond the first 10 posts.

Of course, there is a way on how to make infinite scrolls SEO-friendly. All you have to do is follow Google’s instructions via the Webmaster Blog to avoid compromising either web design or SEO.

  1. Insufficient Content

Content is king in SEO. Because of this, lack of content is considered a blunder by SEO specialists as it doesn’t provide all the information users might need from the first time they land on the page and, therefore, is not promoting optimal user experience.

5 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Designs

Web design is more than just making a website look good— it also provides the page with a boost in traffic and ranking. In the digital age we live in, mobile-responsive websites perform better in almost every aspect compared to those that are not. This is because more people are now addicted to smartphones and tablets.

Unfortunately, there are still web developers who lack the vision to see this as both the present and future of SEO. In fact, about 60 percent of the number of websites in the worldwide web remain unresponsive to responsive web design, so much so that their websites fail to see better days in terms of traffic and rank.

Taking that into consideration, we have compiled 5 SEO benefits of responsive web design to hopefully convince those skeptical about this new trend that there’s no other way but forward.

  1. Better Website Usability

Website usability and ease of navigation determine whether users will continue using your page or not. Since Google takes heed of users’ needs and wants, it incorporated the duration of a users’ stay on a page as an indicator of whether the website effectively.

This means web designers should convince users to stay longer by providing them with the best experience possible. And how would they do that? By engaging them with a responsive web design that not only makes navigation a breeze but also enhances the quality of content which makes users visit the page in the first place.

  1. Lightning Fast Load Speed

In this technologically advanced world, it is no secret that people have a shorter attention span. Users tend to get bored very quickly. Because of this, websites should load faster to avoid visitors from leaving even before they get to see the awesome web design you worked day and night to achieve.

Responsive web design loads faster, especially when accessed via a smartphone or other similar devices. That means you’ll have a better chance at reducing the 40 to 50 percent visitor loss if your page loads within three seconds or less.

  1. Reduced Bounce Rate

According to research, 61 percent of users abandon a website that isn’t optimized for mobile. To top that off, 48 percent declared that they are less likely to use a brand with a website that doesn’t work well with their handheld devices, even if they liked the product itself.

While these numbers are indeed worrying, there is a simple and viable solution to prevent users from bouncing: responsiveness. A website that is responsive can convince users to stay and complete their search objective. This also means that Google and other search engines would see the lower bounce rate and decide that the page is worth ranking higher in the SERPs.

  1. Fewer Duplicate Content

Some web developers create two versions of a website to answer Google’s command at mobile-friendliness. But instead of creating a good reputation with the search engine, they are actually doing the opposite. This is because having two versions of the website means there are also duplicate content— something that Google bots aren’t very fond of.

Responsive web design not only achieves the mobile-friendliness that Google requires, but also makes it in a way that duplicate content isn’t generated.

  1. Improved Social Sharing

Responsive web design is created for a better social sharing experience. While it may not directly affect ranking, social sharing has certain SEO benefits. This includes a bigger audience and better traffic and engagement rate. Once the responsive website gains such popularity on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media platforms, Google is bound to notice the page’s boosted reputation.

Internet Marketing {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} – The #1 Premier {{mpg_county_name}} County Digital Agency

Try selling a pen to a room full of people. Physically, there are a lot of things you’ll have to exert effort on if you want your “pen product” to sell. You’ll have to consider many physical aspects like the room itself. Will it cost a renting fee for your presentation? The people, will they be accommodated well with seats, snacks and beverages? As a local {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} Internet Marketing Agency, there are situations like these you’d have to think about. Is doing the same thing over and over again cost-efficient for my {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Internet Marketing agency? Will it get my digital marketing agency in the greater {{mpg_county_name}} region more customers? Will my product even sell to a {{mpg_state_name}} market? The world of Internet Marketing isn’t a walk in the park, for sure – but what’s stopping you from looking for new ways to improve your {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} Internet Marketing business overall as a whole?

Internet Marketing Port Charlotte WebDesign499

Most {{mpg_state_name}} business owners and/or entrepreneurs tend to push away new ideas because they’re simply used to old methods and more traditional ways of marketing. An honest question to ask would be, where are these old fashioned marketing firms now? {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Internet Marketing is harsh. There are millions of companies and agencies out there battling to be on top and they all have their own tricks and tactics to deal with their current competition. I’m not here to scare you and drive you away from being a successful {{mpg_city}} internet marketer, in fact – I’m here to help you become the best!

Technology is something that is continuously advancing each and every day. We should understand that as local {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} internet marketing professionals, we should embrace the improvements as they serve one cause – to make our lives easier. The internet is one of those things. Now it may not necessarily mean that if you do internet marketing, you’ll instantly rise to be above all other {{mpg_city}} local marketing businesses. It just means that you’ll be closer to getting that coveted top Google spot rather than not engaging in {{mpg_city}} Internet Marketing, period. So what even is Internet Marketing? Which {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} company or agency offers the best service around? In simple terms, it just means marketing with the use of the internet and everything it can offer. What are its benefits? An absolute ton!

Internet Marketing In {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}

Not a single individual in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} wants to spend enormous amounts of cash that they fear wouldn’t be a good investment. Everyone is looking for a good ROI. If you wish to take your {{mpg_city}} internet marketing agency to the next level, then engaging in all things digital is an excellent way to do just that. Think of all the physical brick & mortar stores you see. All of these brick & mortar stores pay a fee for rent, taxes, mortgages and other unknown fees. Some stores have to hold a certain amount of inventory at all times to serve the public. Now all that would then add up to more and more money spending. With {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Internet Marketing, you’ll spend a ton less of your hard earned cash money compared to that of a physical standing store. Instead of buying more space, you can spend this on other things like hiring a web designer for your business website or e-commerce store perhaps?

Internet Marketing in {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}: Call (561) 506-0398 & Get Started Today!

Speaking of spending and investing money, there are other resources that would cost you less if you do decide to go into internet marketing near or around the {{mpg_county_name}} County {{mpg_state_name}} area. What’s a company without its workers and employees? You’d be surprised that with Internet Marketing in {{mpg_city}}, you save a lot on having to pay employees to be at your store all the time (in a physical brick & mortar setting that is). In online marketing, your website is always accessible to anyone and everyone around the world and it remains open while you sleep!

Now the internet has a lot of things in store, but for the marketing aspect, an absolute ton of things on the internet make marketing such a great industry to engage with. Social Media is the bread and butter of Internet Marketing in {{mpg_city}} as well as other cities as it has a lot of influence and impact on the success of a business. If you do decide to engage in digital marketing and plan on charging a fee for your services, there will be customers who love you and customers with nothing good to say! Think of YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and especially Facebook. All of these can affect your {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Internet Marketing Agency one way or another. Don’t expect to become an overnight success. Digital Marketing and Social Media Maintenance require dedication and persistent, hard work. Word gets around very quickly in our industry, so if you do well, then expect good results. If not, this industry may not be for you and that is OK! Try, try and try again.

Port Charlotte Internet Marketing Experts WebDesign499

If you’re planning on utilizing Internet Marketing in the {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} area, then a powerhouse agency who specializes and breathes {{mpg_city}} Internet Marketing is WebDesign499. Our company, WD499, offers {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Internet Marketing services for any business owner who would like to experience the benefits of blanketing Google, Yahoo and Bing. Not only that, but we also are particular with quality and quickness of our service. If you would like to know more about how we can help you affordably and cater to every budget in the great state of {{mpg_state_name}}, feel free to contact us at (561) 506-0398 or visit

{{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Management Experts

Everything You Need to Know About The Greater {{mpg_county_name}} County Online Reputation Management Industry: Starting Here In Beautiful {{mpg_city}}

Have you ever tried looking yourself up on Google? Have you ever wondered about how you can control what others see when they search for you online? While there are things about you found on the internet that you can’t delete, especially in the images section of the search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing, there is another way to deal with them. It involves the practice of hiring and utilizing the unique talents of a {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation management expert. If you are not familiar with this term, there are many, many Reputation Management blog posts and articles in the WebDesign499 blog. Reading up on reputation management can help you learn everything that there is to know about {{mpg_county_name}} County Reputation Management.

What is {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Management All About?

WebDesign499 Port Charlotte Online Reputation Management

Most of us have tried typing our names on Google or other search engines just to check about what were published. We have even tried typing our names on social media websites like Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest to check on what other people may or not of been talking about us. With millions of online content being published every day, we could not be sure that all of those entries from the search results are favorable.

The role of an online reputation management expert originated from the concept of public relations or PR (Think The TV Show Mad Men), only it is practiced online in the {{mpg_state_name}} digital marketing space and not on billboards and such. Past blunders of an individual, embarrassing social media pages and more online trouble can affect an individual or a business when it comes to {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation expertise. It pops out of the search engine results (SERPs). In order to control this, an expert {{mpg_name}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation management wiz comes into play.

Loosely defined, {{mpg_county_name}}, {{mpg_state_id}} Online Reputation Management Experts are responsible for regulating and manipulating what search engines come up with when someone searches for an individual’s name or business. Search results produce different kinds of information found on the vast sea of the Internet. With most people relying only on the first page of search engine results for information, it is quite difficult to make sure that what others can see about you or your business practices are purely positive without having to shell out the money ($$$) on a {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation expert.

What Is So Important About A {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Management Expert?

As an individual, a professional, or a business owner, your reputation is very important to you. With the growing use of technology and popularity of the world wide web, a positive & wholesome online digital reputation is now seen as highly prized and protected. It is something that most people have worked hard for. Some very serious individuals even took years and years to build a good online reputation. However, with more and more users taking advantage of social media and the internet in general, negative and embarrassing things can be posted about you that can harm your {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} digital online reputation.

A positive online presence is important in your personal and professional life. Never underestimate the search engine results for your name or your business since it can affect you in many ways. For example, in a 2010 study about the world wide web and it’s associated online reputations, it was shown that 75% of U.S. recruiters and HR professionals are required to research online information about applicants. Imagine applying for a job and getting rejected just because you posted something bad against the company when you were just a silly little kid. It’s an unfortunate experience, but it could have been prevented through {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation management and reputation protection/maintenance. Also, 65% or more of internet users trust online search engine results (SERPs) when it comes to looking for information about businesses compared to other sources.

{{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Management throughout the greater {{mpg_county_name}} County is not limited to burying unwanted search engine results, but it can also be used to improve your online reputation overall. This is important especially when it comes to building a good business brand, which we have worked very hard to do at WebDesign499. One negative review going viral is all it takes for your brand to take a deep plunge from the success ladder if online reputation management in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} is not practiced. Still not convinced? There are also other advantages and benefits of managing your digital reputation in {{mpg_county_name}}, {{mpg_state_name}}.

How Does This {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Expert Thing Work Anyway? {{mpg_county_name}} Is Eager to Know!

Online Reputation Management Experts WebDesign499

A {{mpg_city}} Online Reputation Management Expert helps keep your positive online reputation through various means and strategies. There are several practices and processes involved in order to prevent negative results from showing on large search engines such as Google. Aside from burying negative search engine results in the state of {{mpg_state_name}}, so that they can no longer be seen or noticed. Also, remember that {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} and the greater {{mpg_county_name}} county area helps in highlighting the positive things about you and your brand. Some of the common ways employed by {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation management experts:

· Creating and publishing positive online content to counter negative and harmful online content (eventually pushes down the negative content).

· Creating and submitting press releases about you or your brand to websites of authority. WebDesign499 offers a great Press Release Package for cheap! Your story goes out to 750+ news publications across the USA!

· Creating and publishing brand promotions and strong social media presences to strengthen your brand presence online around your domain. This is called building a Social Fortress!

· Employing the use of search engine optimization for your website and its contents in order to improve the search engine result ranking of positive contents.

· Creating positive social media profiles and positive, reader-specific content.

· Creating professional and expert-made online content that {{mpg_city}} readers enjoy reading and looking over!

· Creating connections with high-ranking third-party websites on Google for your website endorsement or recommendation.

· Acting against libelous claims found online through submitting legally valid take-down requests & cease and desists.

· Acting against false, incorrect, and inaccurate information published on Wikipedia by requesting for content removal.

· Acting against fake and negative product reviews or individual reviews by making positive reviews either anonymously or through verified Google Local Guide Accounts.

· Acting against images that are illegally posted, taken or posted without consent, or in violation of the copyright law.

· Giving or offering incentives to your {{mpg_county_name}} county residents in return for their positive Google & Facebook reviews and ratings similar to this:

What are the benefits of hiring a {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} Online Reputation Management Expert / Professional?

Online reputation management & maintenance in {{mpg_county_name}} is important to any business and individual. In businesses, it can be a PR (Public Relations) nightmare if clients or customers get wind of negative reviews about its product or service. But through the help of local {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} online reputation management experts, these negative reviews can be countered with positive ones. For an individual, a good career can remain unblemished through Online Digital Reputation Management. It is an effective strategy and it also has more benefits than the aforementioned examples such as:

· It can help in having others see you in a positive light.

· It can help bury negative online postings about you or your brand.

· It can help in reaching out to your clients and begin the process of earning their hard-won trust.

· It can help promote positive feedback about you or your brand.

· It can help you be visible online and strengthen your online presence.

· It can help you get more opportunities career-wise or business-wise in life.

· It can help build a strong foundation for a positive online reputation in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}}.

· It can help you protect your brand against negative reviews.

Becoming A Regular {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} Online Reputation Management Expert in {{mpg_county_name}} County

All of these benefits of {{mpg_city}} Online Reputation Management Professionals can help you or your business in the long run tremendously. You don’t need to be a public figure or a large company in order to avail yourself of local {{mpg_city}} online reputation management expert services. It is cost-effective and efficient. We did not get the name WebDesign499 for being an overpriced, unfair firm! 🙂 In these times of people oversharing on social media or just oversharing online in general, it is important to take care of one’s own good online reputation in {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}}.

If you are an invidivual or business in the {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_name}} greater area, WebDesign499 can help clear up your negative online reputation and make your problem go away for good! We create a positive story brand around your business, syndicate that story across our various PR and IFTTT channels, distribute the positive press about you or your business and bury the negative PR where nobody will ever see it or that nasty press again! Call WebDesign499 at (561) 506-0398 to get started today! Ask for Christopher or Candace!

Finding The Right Color Scheme To Help Boost Your Web Traffic

Designing a website can be fun and exciting but when it comes right down to it, the process is actually meticulous and overwhelming. When designing a website from scratch, you have to consider absolutely every detail – from the font down to the color scheme. If you are still on the process of designing your website, this article will help you find the right color scheme to help boost your web traffic.

Color Consideration

First, you should match or harmonize the color of your website to your brand or physical store (if you have any). That way, there will be easier brand recall and association with your brand/product or store. You should greatly put into consideration the colors to be used for your logo or headline because it will be the first thing that site visitors will notice.

If you are thinking of taking the minimalist route, it’s definitely fine — as long as you don’t decide to ditch putting colors in your website. A web page without any color might give site visitors an impression that your website might still be under maintenance, and you wouldn’t really want that to happen, right?

Combination Of Colors

Once you have already chosen the set of colors for your web page, you can already start to combine complementary colors so you can come up with a perfect scheme. Background color will also play a big role in your website so it would be best if you choose a color that is universal and easy to work around with other colors.

Demographics & Target Market

Another thing to consider when choosing colors for your website is your target market or niche. By considering the said factors, it will be easier for you to choose a color scheme because you will simply have to think about what you think would best catch the attention of your market.

Age, gender, culture, location, etc. are just some of the things to consider to help you come up with a very specific, targeted and powerful brand and website color that can help boost traffic.

SEO Website Design Tips: Content Is Still King In 2019

Creating and maintaining an impressive and relevant website takes a lot of time, effort and skill. It’s not just about aesthetics – it’s also about the content, the interface, the mobile-compatibility, etc. When a website has a great design and relevant content, users will be enticed to browse and explore the website longer than expected. If you want to enhance your SEO through website design, below are some practical tips you can apply.

Boost SEO Ranking

When designing a website, you should consider some factors that will greatly affect your page’s SEO edge. For example, you need to consider how fast your page loads. If you are using high-res images on your page, the loading speed is expected to be slow which ends up with a poor user experience. Try to optimize the images and content without compromising quality. You can still have medium-res images while letting users enjoy high-quality loading speed on your website.

Promote Relevant Content

One of the most common mistakes of web designers is putting content that is either irrelevant or full of fluff. Users are now getting smarter and pickier and they tend to lose trust in a website that is offering irrelevant content. This is why it’s very important that content and design always go hand in hand. No matter how beautiful or impressive a website is, if the content is just like an empty shell, the SEO rank and organic traffic will definitely decline.

SEO & Engagement 

Web designers aim to get high SEO rankings and engagement. However, is it really possible to achieve? The answer is yes – it may not be easy, but it is highly possible. You can actually use the power of efficient SEO to gain more engagement from users.

By simply making relevant information on your website accessible, you can slowly gain the trust of users and they will find themselves spending more time browsing your page. Over time, this will bring a great improvement in your website’s SEO ranking.

5 Ways To Retain or Increase Your Website’s Traffic During A Redesign

Building a website is like building a house – it needs time, effort, money and skills. Painstaking as it is, a website also needs to be updated from time to time, or better yet, overhauled. Marketers are usually concerned about what would happen to their website’s traffic during a redesign. That said, below are five ways to retain or increase web traffic during a redesign.

Prepare For Big Changes

When redesigning a website, you should be aware that the SEO department will be the first to be greatly affected. When done properly, a website redesign can drastically boost organic traffic. However, one false move and a redesign could also be the demise of your website. That said, you would want to have the redesign as quickly as possible, right? For you to do that, you have to be very specific about what kind of change you want to see. It might be the content, the color, the font, the layout – whatever it is, get right down to business so your website can go back to business right away.

Optimize Web Content 

A website is not just all about aesthetics. If you want to increase or retain organic traffic to your website, make sure that you offer relevant content to your visitors – both old and new. When your website is known to offer relevant or timely content, you will definitely earn loyal visitors.

Heighten SEO Efforts

Together Twitter Facebook Exchange Of Information

Stop beating around the bush and use available tools to help you with your SEO needs while redesigning. One technique is keyword research and mapping which is basically using keywords found in high-ranking websites in articles featured in your site.

Manage Mobile Compatibility

While redesigning your website, don’t forget to ensure its mobile responsiveness as well. More and more users are browsing the internet on their phones so you might as well keep up with the mobile responsiveness pace.

Call-To-Action Magic 

Call-to-action buttons are like a magic portal that plays a big part in traffic conversion. Make sure to use a catchy or unique phrase to peak the interest of visitors and eventually make them click the button.

Understanding Internet Behavior And How Your Website Can Take Advantage

Any business can build their own website. However, not all business can build an effective website, one that reaches out to their customers and target market. In fact, one of the most common mistakes of web designers is making information difficult to find. Understanding internet behavior is very important so that you can design your website accordingly.

There are different reasons why an individual is browsing the internet and you need to understand that each person also has a different way of getting information. Below are seven types of information seeking patterns in a digital setting.

Directed Browsing – this process is systematic and fast as the user already has a specific topic in mind. These kinds of users tend to ignore other information handed out to them and simply focuses on relevant content to what they are searching for.

Semi-directed Browsing – this is quite similar to directed browsing only that the user has a general idea instead of a specific idea. The process is still relatively fast but more content will be scanned to get more information.

Undirected Browsing – this process can be likened to channel surfing. Social media sites are a great example of undirected browsing. Users are not looking for specific content and might just be browsing out of curiosity or entertainment.

Known-item Search – this is much more specific than directed browsing. In this process, users already have a specific name for an item or product that they want to search and are most likely to use shortcuts to get their desired information.

Exploratory Seeking – this process can be considered as a very vague search because a user has a general idea of what they need but cannot exactly articulate it. This kind of internet behavior is perhaps the most time consuming and a lot of content are taken in.

Don’t Know What You Need To Know – Users who exhibit this internet behavior are the ones who usually read product reviews, online discussions and buyer guides.

Re-finding –  Literally speaking, this pertains to users who are trying to look for content that they have already searched for or read. A lot of websites have a hefty percentage of returning visitors, most of which are retracing their search history.


{{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}}  Mobile Responsive Web Design & Development

When in the process of designing a website, especially in the {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} greater region, mobile responsive web design becomes a large factor in your decisions. However, it is important to understand that mobile responsiveness must also be taken into consideration because not all browsers or site visitors are viewing from PCs or laptops. According to Statista, almost 55% of all website visitors to your website come from a mobile device of some sort (mostly a cell phone).

Good {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} mobile responsive web design does not only include impressive graphics, navigation, content and the works. It also includes the responsiveness of a web design that can easily adapt to a viewer’s view port. In other words, the website must adjust to a visitor’s screen size on the device that they are browsing the web on.

Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

The concept of responsive web design has existed for decades, but it was not until the mid-2000’s that web developers such as WebDesign499 began applying and appreciating its benefits. This is understandable because it was during that period of time when the rise of mobile phones began. Before you knew it, everyone and their grandmother had a mobile device in their possession. 55% of all web traffic is not a statistic to shake a stick at! According to our friends over at Oberlo, that percentage is closer to 57%.

Flexible, Functional Art 

Designing & developing a web page that is not only aesthetic but also functional is a skill. The term for this is designing a UI and a UX. UI stands for User Interface and UX stands for User Experience. Not everyone can do it and that’s why hiring a professional web designer in the {{mpg_city}}, {{mpg_state_id}} area like WebDesign499 can become a bit expensive. The great news is that WebDesign499 offers complete, {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} mobile responsive web design starting at only $499! A $250 deposit gets you started and your dream becomes a reality online! For those brave souls who want to go out and try to do it themselves with a software such as WIX or SquareSpace, avoid these costly web design mistakes and save yourself a ton of money & a headache!

With all the devices on the market today – desktops, laptops, smart watches, multiple size tablets and smartphones galore, designers and developers in the {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} greater area must ensure that their websites will be attractive and functional by creating flexible layouts that are mobile responsive and adapt to all view ports. Today, more and more users in {{mpg_state_name}} are accessing the internet through their smart phones which makes mobile responsiveness very crucial to web design and development in 2021.

Going Extinct Without Mobile-Friendly Web Design

No matter how big, established or popular a company’s website may be, if it doesn’t cater to mobile users in today’s digital world, it would definitely go extinct. Consumers are pushing forward down the digital lane and {{mpg_city}} {{mpg_state_name}} mobile responsive web design is one of their greatest demands. Mobile is the future of Internet Traffic. Either get used to it now or live with it later. It’s coming (or already here).

Why Web Design Remains Solidly Relevant In 2019

Online or digital marketing has seen a rising trend in the past few years as more and more businesses are embracing its potential. While there may be other platforms available for digital marketing, like social media pages and specific apps, a website or a web page still remains to be solidly relevant in 2019.

Why is this so? Basically, websites are considered to be the holy grail when it comes to incorporating SEO strategies and online marketing efforts. The positive outcomes of an effective website may not be seen right away, but most website owners, if not all, actually see progress in the long run. If you would like to boost your online presence, it would be best to start with choosing the best web design.

First Impressions Last 

Now that you have already acknowledged the importance of having a website to boost your online presence, you now have to ensure that your landing page is at its best in terms of design, graphics, navigation, content, visual elements, etc. Customers are highly-visual people and their overall impression of your website can definitely make or break your business reputation.

To avoid making your landing page look saturated or overwhelming, you might want to suggest the concept of minimalism with your chosen web designer. Keep in mind that customers tend to be turned off when they see a website that looks messy, cluttered or difficult to read.

When designing your website, make sure that you strike a balance between an impressive user interface and design so you can end up with a higher conversion rate, and in turn result to an increase in sales and revenues.

Prepare A Budget For Web Design

If you want a website that is designed just the way you like it, you need to work with a professional web designer to get your desired results. Remember, your website is like the facade of your physical store. You would definitely want it to look its best, right? Once you see the trend in the rising profit of your business, you will be convinced that investing in high-quality web design is truly worth it.