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Can A Website Make Money Without Ads? 6 Essential Tips

Managing a website has been proven to be a viable income-generating activity that made many people consider ditching their daytime jobs for it. In fact, some were able to maximize their websites into a profitable company after gaining credibility and loyal readership online, thanks to advertisements.

Because of this, Google AdSense has become a widely sought platform for pay-per-click advertising that allows web publishers and bloggers to tap onto the Internet giant’s vast connection and get paid along the way. As the name states, every click of ads from this platform corresponds to a certain rate that would later be paid to the publisher or owner of the website or blog.

On top of that, you can also sell ad space on your page. The amount of money that can be collected from this form of advertising depends on the size of the ad space, as well as the website’s total number of visitors for a certain period.

But contrary to popular belief, ads aren’t the only source of income for websites and blogs. Some experts revealed that it is possible to make money even without posting ads on your virtual page. Below are six essential tips you should consider if you want to earn from your website without ads.

Put Your Expertise In An E-Book

Investing in whatever you excel in can be a great way to earn money online. If you are good at website building, online marketing, or any field at that, better write a book about it. This way, you can showcase your skills while helping others in your field of specialization.

While this might take a long time and plenty of effort because of the research needed to make it more credible and informative, penning a book and selling copyrights for it has been proven to be a good source of income online. You may sell it on your website or blog, as well as on Kindle and other e-book distribution sites.

Accept Donations

If you have been blogging for a long time and established a certain amount of readership online, it may be the right time to seek financial aid from them. There is no shame in asking your fans for donations if it means you can provide them with more content and a better browsing experience when they visit your website.

Do Some Freelance Work

Online freelance writing has also become a great source of income for many people who wish to escape the hustle and bustle of going to the office. While there may be publishers that pay way below your expected rate, there are still decent clients that offer salaries that their writers deserve based on his or her qualifications and experience.

Patience and great skill set would go a long way if you choose this kind of work. If you intend to make money through online freelance writing, having a blog or a portfolio of your sample articles would also be useful in convincing potential clients that you have the necessary skills for the job.

Write Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored reviews are those that are written upon the request of a client who is most likely the owner of a company that offers a certain product or service. As the name indicates, these kinds of reviews would also serve as promotional pieces for the brand or company that paid for it.

Start Consulting

A consultation gig can provide a source of income for anyone who excels in certain niches in the same way as writing a self-help e-book does. After gaining a lot of first-hand experience (and probably a diploma or certificate) in a specific field, you can already begin conducting paid seminars online.

Try Lead Generation

Lead generation is another great way of making money online by means of serving as a “matchmaker” for customers and businesses in a similar way as affiliate marketing. However, lead generation’s goal is only to introduce a potential client to a company.