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Business Website Costs: How Much Does A Basic Website Cost?

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When you’re looking to hire a professional to make a website for your company, the most popular and often first question asked is “how much?” The cost for a basic business website can vary depending on your specific needs so there really is no “fixed” rate. Often, entrepreneurs who are just getting into an online presence do not really know where to start and what to do. This makes the task of developing a site that’s suited for your requirements all the more challenging.

When you try to get a quote for your planned site, the first step mostly is to Google services that provide affordable business websites. Often, this planning phase happens over the phone, so you don’t really get to relay as clearly as you can what you want to achieve — if you even know where you want to head at all. That said, the best way to start is to write some sort of brief to give your designer an idea on which he or she can create a range of cost proposals.

Basic Business Website Costs

How much you get charged for the barest minimum in a website will depend on many factors including how many pages it contains, how complicated the design is, how long it will take the designer to finish it and the designer’s professional background. The amount of time it takes is also influenced by how much you, as the client, are willing to put into the project’s fruition. To give you an idea on the process of designing and building a website, here are the basic steps.

1. Planning: You meet with the designer and tell him/her what you want and he/she tells you what is doable
2. Designing: This is the graphic phase
3. Developing: This is when the design idea is applied into an actual webpage
4. Content making: Where you add images, videos, articles and other information, as needed

The basic website contains a main landing page, where you welcome guests. It also contains an About page, a Contact us page and a page where your Products and Services are listed. It works better if you accompany each page with photos or provide a separate image gallery for potential clients to browse. Creating an affordable business website is possible but it helps your budget better if you read up on the basics before speaking to your developer.

Affordable Business Websites That Cater To Your Budget

The cheapest way to create a website is to work with stock templates. There are plenty of these online. Some can be downloaded for free, while the more complicated ones come with a price. If you are on a limited budget, the smart approach would be to start with standard templates and then work with those. Or, your designer can modify the template to best fit your content.

Customized designs will cost more, no doubt. But there is an advantage to having a website that looks different from the rest of the pack. If your competitors have gone towards the standard stock, then you will all look the same. Remember that the purpose of your website is not just to inform clients that you exist, but to make a mark in their minds and provide a positive experience.

Important Questions To Ask Your Designer

While the final price of the website depends on many things. There are three important questions you should ask to make sure that you and the designer are on the same page when it comes to the price quote. First, was a stock template used or did he/she make the design from scratch? Second, will you be getting the designer’s help in planning and organizing the content? Third, will the designer give you several prototypes you can choose from? How many revisions are possible?

Budget is a key consideration when it comes to affordable business websites. Be sure you know the right questions before you hire a professional so you don’t get shortchanged.