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The Impact of Duplicate Content in Search Engine Rankings

Duplicate content happens when content appears on the web in more than one unique website address or URL. Content, when duplicated, isn’t exactly a cause for a penalty; however, when there are pieces of it that appears similar in more than one place on the internet, search engines will have a hard time deciding which […]

The Importance of Off-Site SEO and Why it Matters

Off-site SEO or off-page SEO are the activities done outside of your website in order to affect the rankings found in search engine results pages. Its goal is to enhance user and search engine perception when it comes to authority, trustworthiness, relevance, and popularity. Off-page SEO is done by using other reputable areas on the […]

How You Can Make Your Web Design Work Well With Your SEO

Web design and SEO work together in making a website successful, in every sense of the word. Both search engine optimization and the website appearance and functionality contribute to a page’s rank, which is why companies are strongly advised to establish a close relationship between their web design and SEO team if not combine them […]

4 Things You Can Do To Rank Higher In Local Searches

The website’s ranking is one of the top key performance indicators of a website. However, some businessmen tend to aim too high that they miss the target entirely. This is because what they should have done is to aim high but shoot low— as in, aim for a high rank, but shoot low and within […]

7 Common Web Design Mishaps You Should Avoid For Better SEO

When designing a website, people often make mistakes that tip off the balance of aesthetics and search engine optimization. While it is well and good to create a stunning homepage for your users to land on, it is also important to help search engines find the page. After all, how will users know how to […]

5 SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Designs

Web design is more than just making a website look good— it also provides the page with a boost in traffic and ranking. In the digital age we live in, mobile-responsive websites perform better in almost every aspect compared to those that are not. This is because more people are now addicted to smartphones and […]

How To Make Web Design Images SEO-Friendly

Colorful graphics and images that stand out make a website more user-friendly for several reasons. It provides the user with an idea of the page’s content at a single glance and allows their eyes to rest from the boring blocks of texts that often make them lose interest in the information they are after. While […]

Mobile Friendly Vs. Responsive Web Design: What’s The Difference?

For years, SEO practitioners have dealt with Google’s algorithm updates, including Mobilegeddon. In 2015, this algorithm changed the search engine so that it would boost the ranking of websites that are mobile-friendly. However, there seems to be a confusion between the flurry of terms that entered the picture. Now, optimizers are asked not just to […]

8 Mobile Web Design Optimization Tips You Should Know About

Web design was able to advance progressively towards making pages as mobile-friendly as possible. Over the years, all unnecessary elements were removed from pages as guided by the principles of mobile-first design to make way for the improvement of the essential elements. The goal of these changes is to deliver the best user experience (UX) […]