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SEO Website Design Tips: Content Is Still King In 2019

Creating and maintaining an impressive and relevant website takes a lot of time, effort and skill. It’s not just about aesthetics – it’s also about the content, the interface, the mobile-compatibility, etc. When a website has a great design and relevant content, users will be enticed to browse and explore the website longer than expected. […]

Why Mobile Responsiveness Is Crucial To Web Design 

Maintaining a strong and relevant digital campaign is a very important digital marketing strategy and it commonly involves designing a web page. However, it is important to understand that mobile responsiveness must also be taken into consideration because not all browsers or site visitors are viewing from PCs or laptops. Good web design does not […]

Why Web Design Remains Solidly Relevant In 2019

Online or digital marketing has seen a rising trend in the past few years as more and more businesses are embracing its potential. While there may be other platforms available for digital marketing, like social media pages and specific apps, a website or a web page still remains to be solidly relevant in 2019. Why […]

Top Web Design Trends To Jumpstart Your 2019 Strategy

It’s 2019, and everyone’s heading to the final chapter of another decade. The internet and digital technology is undeniably one of the strongest forces in almost every industry and that’s why it’s very important to strengthen websites more than ever. The internet and web-design have seen the rise and fall of trends and with the […]

The Worst Web Design Mistakes You Should Avoid In 2019

The first tell-tale sign that something’s off with a certain website is by its traffic. Users who are not happy or contented with what a website has to offer almost always leave the page and never come back again. So what do users see first when visiting a website? The design, of course! When users […]

5 Things Your Website Needs To Look And Feel Professional

A successful website is not purely aesthetics – it is an interplay of content, navigation, and visual graphics. A website needs to be designed based on its niche or category so it can look and feel professional. Below are 5 tips to ensure that your website can achieve the professional look and be a hit […]

4 SEO Practices for Structuring URLs

The structure of URLs and domain names is one aspect of SEO website owners should pay focus on. The practices listed below will give your site the chance to rank, but take note that these may not apply to every page you create. Search engines have undergone tremendous changes throughout the years, but no matter […]