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6 SEO Trends That Will Fire Up Your 2018 Strategy

In every endeavor, it is highly advised that its objective and goal must be set and achieved. The same concept holds true when you are trying to establish or maintain your website. Unless you are just doing it as a hobby or a pastime, you have to ensure that your website must be able to gain enough web traffic so it can achieve its objectives or goals, which are most commonly monetization results.

In 2018, SEO continues to be the king of all marketing efforts done online. But no matter how simple its application may seem, SEO is a constantly evolving technique that all marketers and business owners need to keep up with.

To fire up your SEO strategy this year, here are the trends you need to start practicing.

  1. Secure Links (SSL)

Google has ramped up its efforts to making sure that web users are protected and are only provided with secure services. It’s the reason why secured website certificates are of utmost importance these days. It’s important that your site begins with HTTPS, a mark that browsing is safe. Getting your site secured is an inexpensive and one of the easiest ways to boost your SEO ranking this year.

  1. Useful Content

Gone are the days of keyword stuffing in web content. Today, the success of your SEO strategy depends on how relevant your content is in accordance to a searcher’s query. Google prioritizes sites and pages with content that is marked by quality — something people are likely to click and engage in when firing up a search engine.

  1. Voice Search

The viability of voice search as a modern way of making queries online has prompted many marketers to focus on creating content that’s more conversational, as opposed to the usual practice of revolving around a specific keyword. These days, it’s all about how well a user understands the answers your page provide. Naturally, a page that has all the information that a searcher needs wins the SEO ranking.

  1. Long Form Content

Apart from useful content, Google now favors long-form content. According to studies, users have now started to prefer content with 1,500 words or more and they are getting more organic traffic than shorter articles. Studies have also found that long-form content is more likely to be shared and receives more backlinks. Hiqh-quality writing is the focus here; so when discussing a topic online, it’s important that users get all the information they need in a single article.

  1. Video SEO

SEO Tips & TricksUsers’ online behavior have changed rapidly over the years, with more people favoring videos now than any form of content. In fact, a study conducted by Cisco in 2017 stated that by 2021, videos will account for almost 90% percent of internet traffic. With YouTube being the second largest search engine in the world, it’s important for marketers and businesses to start investing on video SEO to be more relevant on the web.

  1. Mobile Optimization

The world we live in today heavily relies on mobile phones, and thus Google’s change to mobile-first index wasn’t exactly a surprise. In 2018, Google will place its priority on websites that have mobile versions, something that users can easily access and view using their smartphones and tablets. Google requires a responsive design in order to rank well in SERPs, which is why this idea must be considered by businesses and digital marketers.

It’s also important to consider site speed. Google itself announced that site speed is a ranking factor and drives higher conversion rates, which in turn encourages ROI.