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5 WordPress Tips New Business Bloggers Should Know

Every person who blogs has a reason.


Perhaps you’re a stay-at-home home with delightful stories to tell — the joys and struggles of raising kids, or you might have some share-worthy how-to tips that’d make anyone’s day. Maybe you’re a makeup enthusiast who knows a whole bunch of juicy information when it comes to accentuating one’s face with the best hues, lines, and shades. Or perhaps you simply want to express pent-up emotions through writing.


Yes, blogs come in countless forms, covering different types of niches. While it’s easy to start blogging, it’s hard as hell to maintain it. Good for you if you’ve managed to make blogging a full-time revenue stream. That’s all the more reason why you should put more effort into it.


So how do you become successful at blogging? Here are five tips you might want to consider.


  1. Setting Up Your Blog

 One common mistake new bloggers make is the choice of platform. Most people often turn to WordPress for their blogging needs, but what they don’t realize is the differences between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG.

You can still blog using, but if you want to install plugins with lots of customization options, choose instead. It’s still free. Of course, you’ll have to set it up and host it yourself.

If you’re not afraid to invest a little in your blogging endeavor, you’ll need a web host and a domain name. The domain is the name of your website,– the one you type on the address bar — and the host is where your website will live. Luckily, it doesn’t cost much to pay for both services. There are lots of affordable options these days to make your blog more legit.


  1. Write About What You Really Love

This is the one rule that makes each write up effective. You have to be very passionate about what you’re writing about. Liking a particular topic over countless others will make you more knowledgeable about it; and this enthusiasm will show through in your writing. It comes with double benefits. You have an easier and enjoyable time writing and your readers will likely love it more because it is easy to read.


  1. Go For A Clean-Looking Website

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the countless choices of themes on WordPress. In fact, you can get a lot of good ones for free. You might even be tempted by some fancy themes, too. Above all that, remember that a layout that is too elaborate will put a lot of readers off and will erase that “professional” feel of your site. Keep things clean, simple, and easy to digest.

Choose a WordPress theme that will make reading and navigating through your blog a seamless experience. Your goal is for people to linger on your website; not click it and close it almost immediately.


  1. Be Communicative With Your Audience


Each WordPress blog, no matter what your chosen niche is, definitely has a chance to gain an audience. You might get one or two comments in the beginning, but to gain hundreds, make it a habit to reply to each one of them. You’ll be surprised how a simple engagement can encourage more readers to comment. In time, you’ll witness growth.


  1. Add Social Sharing Buttons


Your WordPress account gives you options to customize your site in a way that your content can be shared across various social media networks. You can add them at the bottom of each post so you can share it yourself on your personal accounts and allow others to do so.  Simple things like these allow further engagement and for your content to reach the widest range of audiences as possible.


Starting a blog is basic, but make sure you maintain it by adding relevant content on a regular basis. It can be in the form of an article, a video, an image, etc. Marketing experts say two to three times a week of updates is the minimum. Posting will let your audience know that you’re active and enthusiastic about the whole blogging thing – so they will feel enthusiastic about visiting your pages, too.