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5 Web Design Trends Your Business Should Apply In 2018

One of the ways to survive in the tough business environment of a global economy in crisis is through an aggressive online marketing campaign. This can be made possible by hiring the technical expertise of adaptive web design firms that can make a compelling website and also know SEO.

These firms offer other related services such Pay Per Click (PPC), provide analytics and periodic reports to your company, and email web hosting, among others. Every business owner must know the benefits that each of these services can do. It also helps if within the organization an IT and content expert is hired to maintain the website and the company’s database.

Once you have hired the services of a web design expert, develop an internal IT program or plan for these technologies to be synchronized. Assign a team dedicated to online marketing alone.

The team’s function can include creating content and blogs for the website, providing graphics, videos, or photos. It is not good to rely on catalogues or readily available templates since it curtails the creativity of the team. Good managers know how to hire talents and tap into the potential of its human resources.

Websites provide companies with a tool to gauge what the public wants. Hence, it has to be managed well to protect the reputation of your business. The demands of the market changes with the advancement of technology and availability of new resources. Thus, companies will need to adapt if they want to remain relevant. Here are five web design trends your business should start following this year.

Long-Form Multimedia

To bring your products and services to life, immersive multimedia long-form should be used. This trend is growing in popularity in 2018, and is far richer than any blog post or infographic. With the use of multimedia, your online audience is able to visualize what you’re offering, resulting to a compelling marketing initiative.

We’ve seen this in various media outlets, including National Geographic, ESPN, and CNN, so there’s no reason businesses shouldn’t follow suit. Long-form multimedia is a brand new way of storytelling, and helps customers foresee and somewhat experience what you can deliver.

Principles-First Web Design

Your website shouldn’t be just for your existing customers. You should always assume that anyone can stumble upon your website with no prior knowledge of what your business is all about. For this reason, your website should be designed in a way that represents your brand clearly and correctly, so that even new visitors will know at a glance what you’re trying to tell.

Web Books

According to Forbes, web books are ebooks of the future. Think of your website as a grand representation of your brand; meaning you have to establish authority over a certain topic, service, or product. If you have information that can be valuable to your customers or potential customers, make sure to integrate it to your website well, and give your visitors the option to download it. For sure, your visitors will thank you for the imparted knowledge.


Anyone whose time is mostly spent on the internet knows for a fact that videos are a huge thing. Everybody is into watching videos, whether for fun or for educational purposes. On your website, don’t just offer written content. Give your users something to watch. This will encourage them to stay in your website more.

Playing with Color

Colors do not exist just for the sole purpose of not having to settle for black and white. In fact, color psychology is a legit thing. Choosing colors efficiently will benefit your website, so tread lightly on this matter. The good thing is, there are now tools available in order to generate the right palette for your website. This should make it easier for you to execute.