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5 Ways To Retain or Increase Your Website’s Traffic During A Redesign

Building a website is like building a house – it needs time, effort, money and skills. Painstaking as it is, a website also needs to be updated from time to time, or better yet, overhauled. Marketers are usually concerned about what would happen to their website’s traffic during a redesign. That said, below are five ways to retain or increase web traffic during a redesign.

Prepare For Big Changes

When redesigning a website, you should be aware that the SEO department will be the first to be greatly affected. When done properly, a website redesign can drastically boost organic traffic. However, one false move and a redesign could also be the demise of your website. That said, you would want to have the redesign as quickly as possible, right? For you to do that, you have to be very specific about what kind of change you want to see. It might be the content, the color, the font, the layout – whatever it is, get right down to business so your website can go back to business right away.

Optimize Web Content 

A website is not just all about aesthetics. If you want to increase or retain organic traffic to your website, make sure that you offer relevant content to your visitors – both old and new. When your website is known to offer relevant or timely content, you will definitely earn loyal visitors.

Heighten SEO Efforts

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Stop beating around the bush and use available tools to help you with your SEO needs while redesigning. One technique is keyword research and mapping which is basically using keywords found in high-ranking websites in articles featured in your site.

Manage Mobile Compatibility

While redesigning your website, don’t forget to ensure its mobile responsiveness as well. More and more users are browsing the internet on their phones so you might as well keep up with the mobile responsiveness pace.

Call-To-Action Magic 

Call-to-action buttons are like a magic portal that plays a big part in traffic conversion. Make sure to use a catchy or unique phrase to peak the interest of visitors and eventually make them click the button.