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5 Trends In Digital Marketing That Are Sure To Impact The Industry In 2019 & Beyond

Digital marketing is already becoming one of the greatest revolutions in the business and it is not likely to die down anytime soon. In fact, market observers are predicting some forms of this innovation to be part of campaigns for various types of businesses the same way social media and mobile marketing became staples in promoting products and services.

Here are five trends that are sure to impact digital marketing in 2019 and the years to come.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

The hype brought about by Pokemon Go in 2016 led many business owners to see the potential of augmented and virtual reality in digital marketing. The mere fact that mobile users of all ages are willing to walk around their neighborhood and beyond, despite possible consequences (traffic, trespassing, and even collision accidents), is proof that the world is ready for an entirely new version of reality that is more exciting than the one we live in.

After a year of being on top since pioneering AR, Pokemon Go’s popularity subsided. However, several large-scale businesses caught onto the potential of the new technology, including Swedish-founded furniture manufacturer IKEA and famed kids’ entertainment network Nickelodeon. Now, customers are able to enjoy virtual reality kitchens, as well as AR and VR landscapes.

  1. AI-Assisted Solutions

Artificial intelligence (AI) has been subject of sci-fi movies since time immemorial, but this technology is no longer fiction as more brands have started to experiment on AI and machine learning (ML) in 2018. With that said, many experts are predicting that these firms would have perfected this new digital marketing trend by 2019 and will already be able to provide better customer-centric marketing.

  1. Optimizing For Voice Search

In SEO, voice optimization is already considered a staple after Google released a virtual search assistance feature that can be activated by saying “OK, Google.” Shortly after, the Internet giant also unleashed the Assistant which can be activated by saying “Hey, Google.”

While both features allow users to tell their smartphones what they want to do (texts, calls, emails, music, and others), the Voice Search has not been performing as well as expected, which may be why the company opted to bury it all together and transition all useful functions to Google Assistant.

Either way, digital marketers still ought to optimize for voice search using the natural flow of language in page content. This also means you should consider what keywords customers would speak and not focus on what people would type, so it is best to stick to phrases that have a more conversational tone to it.

  1. Video Marketing

Videos have dominated the Internet as predicted. This is not surprising considering that people have very short attention spans and would rather watch a concise with pictures and other graphics rather than reading blocks of texts in articles.

With that said, video marketing is expected to continue to be a viable digital marketing tool through 2019. In fact, many companies are already conducting live video feeds to encourage people active on social media and worldwide web to click and share. That is, of course, if the video is created competitively.

  1. Programmed Advertising

Programmed advertising is gaining momentum and is seen to be viable in promoting products and services in 2019 and beyond. It has already been growing in 2018 and is predicted to dominate the industry. What is interesting here, however, is that digital display advertisements are also expected to help traditional media join the trend, as well.