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5 Things Your Website Needs To Look And Feel Professional

A successful website is not purely aesthetics – it is an interplay of content, navigation, and visual graphics. A website needs to be designed based on its niche or category so it can look and feel professional. Below are 5 tips to ensure that your website can achieve the professional look and be a hit with users.

Minimalism Is Key

No one wants to see clutter – whether it be at home, in a drawer, in the closet or kitchen. There is nothing pleasant about clutter and that is what you should also put in mind when designing a website. Practice minimalism when creating or designing a website so that users won’t be visually overwhelmed when visiting your site.

The Essence Of Visual Hierarchy

This goes hand in hand with minimalism as it emphasizes the need to arrange the tabs and content in a neat and efficient manner. This way, users won’t feel lost when using the website. Also ensure that the spacing, size, contrast and color are well-balanced to make the website visually pleasant.

Readability Is Magic

Everything is shortened, summarized or has a shortcut. That is what’s happening in this age of digital technology and that is what the contents of the website should also be. Ensuring the readability of the site’s content will increase the chances of users scanning the website more than they need to because they actually enjoy browsing through it.

Remember that the display also plays an important role in the readability factor. Make sure that the contrast is well-balanced and the fonts are easy to read.

Easy Navigation

Users visit a website to browse or get information at their fingertips. They do not need to play games or go on a digital wild goose chase. In other words, keep the website basic and uncomplicated. Do not give them links that go on other links and as much as possible, avoid annoying pop-ups as these are major turnoffs for users.

Mobile Friendly Version

Almost everyone is using their smartphones to browse through websites and if your website still doesn’t have a mobile-friendly version, it’s time to keep pace. You can use Wix to automatically create a mobile-friendly version of your website.