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5 Things To Consider Before Hiring A Professional Web Designer

Web design plays a key role in successful SEO as it provides more than a good look for the page. Most search engines reward websites with web design that are easy to navigate and are interactive, which means you’ll have more chances to gain higher traffic.

Because of this, web designers play a critical role in the success of any kind of website. Here are five things you need to consider and do before hiring a professional web designer or web design firm.

  1. Consider Experience and Skill

Web designers are in demand, no doubt, which may be why there are plenty of novices going about looking for jobs. While it is well and good to try out whether they have what it takes to boost your traffic through web design, most business owners prefer experienced professionals for obvious reasons.

However, experience isn’t the only thing you should consider. Experts believe that it is best to hire web designers who have already tried working on a similar business like yours or, better yet, one that is within the same industry. This way, you won’t need to struggle through explaining every single detail of what your website should look like because, chances are, he or she would already have an idea what to do.

  1. Know the Appropriate Rate Based on Credentials

Whether you are planning to hire an individual or an entire web design firm, it is imperative that you know the appropriate rates based on the credentials of the candidates. One good way of shortening your list of candidates is to set a specific budget. After that, let the applicants know how much you are planning to set aside for the project.

  1. Have A Look at Their Proposal

Aside from their resumes and portfolios, proposals will also be submitted to you once you put up an ad about your search, so be sure to scrutinize them carefully. This is because some web design firms offer more than the creation of a website. In fact, many of them have already dabbled with SEO practices such as content creation and link building, so be sure to look for companies that will give you your money’s worth.

  1. Always Read the Fine Print

The thing about people and contracts is that many of us neglect the fine print or the “Terms and Conditions.” People tend to simply sign away without having a thorough read of the document. This shouldn’t be the case, especially when you’re dealing with web designers.

Some of the things you should look at closely are the payment terms and fees, the services they should deliver, contingency plans should something go wrong, refunds, and many more. It would be wise to get a lawyer to have a look at your contract as well so that you are sure that you have protection.

  1. Ask These Questions in an Interview

Interviewing candidates for any job is something that shouldn’t be neglected when searching for a professional web designer as it is your chance to clarify things that aren’t immediately clear in the proposal or contract they submitted and determine whether the person or company you are planning to hire have work ethics that align to yours.

Below are few of many questions you should consider asking:

Do you offer continued website maintenance? Is there a guarantee?

–    By asking this, you are assured that the person or company you are hiring are confident of their work. Plus, having the same people who built the website maintain it has its advantages.

How do you plan on approaching usability?

–    This is a question that will help you determine whether the web designer know the best SEO practice of creating a website that is built for visitors, and not the business owner.

Are you capable of building my site in a content management system?

–    Content management systems like WordPress provide an easy way of managing content for a website if you do not have any knowledge of using Dreamweaver or HTML. This way, you wouldn’t have to rely on the web designer when you need to add more content