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5 Reasons Why An SEO Strategy Is Crucial To Your Website’s Success

Search engine optimization (SEO) is a huge deal in the digital marketing industry right now. In fact, companies are clamoring not just for an online presence but a solid SEO campaign to get their target market to notice them. Especially now that Google searches are more content driven, the need for a marketing strategy that incorporates powerful SEO techniques is not just preferred but absolutely necessary. You can’t just publish a website without considering SEO; you won’t survive.

Here are five reasons why an SEO strategy is crucial to your business’s longevity.

SEO sets your business apart in a highly competitive field.

There are over a billion websites on the Internet and this numbers is growing by the day. Because it has been easier for businesses to create a website or set up blogs, it has also been harder to stand out. Fortunately, slick SEO strategies give companies ample elbow power to land a seat at the dinner table. It’s not just that. Research shows that about 75 percent of Internet searches don’t even go past the first or second page of results. This makes the environment all the more like World War Z. A solid and continuous SEO campaign will not only help your brand stand out, it will also hold the competition off.

Sponsored ads barely scratch the surface of what SEO can do.

Sure, your paid ad will place your website at the top of searches. However, studies show that people don’t really bother clicking those results that say “ad” on them. Instead, they go for the organic results from the first and second pages. While you may get a few un-savvy Internet users to click you, today’s online user is so smart that he or she will definitely just scroll past anything that smells like a sponsored post in favor of something more “authentic.” That level of authenticity can be achieved with a solid SEO plan.

A powerful content strategy can unleash your brand’s potential.

A full-fledged digital marketing campaign has the power to boost your site’s revenue by 40 percent and your traffic by 2,000 percent. SEO won’t do that alone, but it is crucial to the program’s overall success. Content is what tells people about your brand and what you can do. Be sure that what you write is properly optimized so people get to read it.

SEO is cost-effective and provides excellent ROI.

SEO, because of its targeted nature, translates to quality leads. Compared to just blasting your information everywhere, placing sponsored posts, cold calling, or handing out flyers, SEO focuses on your target market because they are lead to your site by typing in specific search terms. That means they are looking for somebody like you. This has a higher conversion rate compared to random handouts.

Hiring an SEO and content professional will make your life easier.

SEO is not a one-time thing and is certainly not a one-size-fits-all formula. It is a customized program that is designed according to your website’s specific needs. More importantly, it is continuous process that requires constant updating, refreshing, and redesigning according to the needs of the times. By consistently optimizing your website, you continue to enjoy being on top your industry.