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5 Non-Negotiables When It Comes To Designing A Powerful Logo

Whoever said that designing a logo is easy must not have a sense of design at all. In fact, graphic artists will tell you that it takes a lot of skill, creativity, and effort to make a powerful logo compared to building a full website. Because of the sheer size and conciseness of a logo, it requires careful thought and a deep understanding of imagery and purpose.


We live in a society where brand logos are just plastered everywhere. Even the little kids who can’t even string complete sentences already knows what McDonald’s, Pepsi and other brands are just by looking at their brandmarks. No words necessary. That said, how do you create a powerful logo and what are its basic elements? We got in touch with some design experts and here’s what they told us.


  1. Understand the brand


You can’t just paste images and colors together and say it’s your logo. While it is an image, a logo is also your brand’s identity. Before you design one, think about these three things: what does the brand remind you of and what image comes to mind? how does the brand make you feel? what images and colors are significant to the brand’s development into what it is now?


Remember that while you can compare with other existing logos and might want to derive inspiration from their success, your design should still reflect what your client wants and the company’s unique attributes. Logos also do not just come out of thin air. Each one has a history that’s filled with purpose and meaning. This is why it’s important that you talk to the client first before testing out different prototypes.


  1. Be unique


Imitation is the best form of flattery but you don’t want your logo to be overshadowed by another brand. You want a logo that stands out and that people can identify as only yours. With so many logos out there, creating an original look could be a challenge, but as a designer that should be your ultimate goal. Take note that designing a logo doesn’t have to be literal. Remember that the Mercedes logo is not a car and the Apple logo isn’t a computer.


Understand color


Color plays a huge role in your logo’s design. Bold and bright colors are sure to get people’s attention, but does it reflect your brand? Meanwhile, neutral and muted shades look elegant, but they run the risk of being overlooked. For starters, check out the psychology of colors and what emotion each shade represents. Reds can be bold, sexy, and energetic, while greens can pertain to growth, being organic, and instructional.


Make it easy and flexible


You want a logo that stands out, but you also don’t want a logo that will leave your viewers perplexed over what it means. The Amazon logo, for one, is a simple text of the company’s URL, with “amazon” in bold face, and a yellow arrow pointing from A to Z. There is a lot of meaning that can be derived from this highly effective yet very simple and straightforward logo; all of which point to the brand’s mission and vision.


The most iconic brand logos, such as Nike, Coca-Cola, Ray-Ban, aren’t fancy looking. In fact, it is this basic design that gives them a powerful personality. Expert designers will tell you that it’s a lot easier to be experimental than to be simple when it comes to making a logo, but it’s the latter that works and lasts a long time.


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