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5 Common Logo Design Mistakes You Should Totally Avoid

A logo is one of the most crucial elements of a brand. It is what will represent you everywhere. Even without words or images, a powerfully designed logo will determine how big of an impact you make on the market and how memorable you will be. Perfect examples of an excellent design include McDonald’s, Apple, and Coca-Cola.

Some companies make the mistake of not thinking about a logo during the startup phase and then realize later that they could have been better marketed if they had their “face” figured out as they grew. A logo is like your official spokesperson in any situation. This is why it should be carefully thought out and professionally done. Without the fundamentals of an effective design, you might end up with an amateurish look that could be the reason why people don’t take you seriously.

Here are five of the most common logo design mistakes that should not happen with your brand.

  1. It relies too much on trends.

Trends come and go; what works now might no longer matter next month. Plus, you don’t want your brand to be associated with cliche-ic work. Gradients may be the “in” thing now, but in a few years it could all be about flats. A good design is one that is timeless and devoid of any tricks. The job of a logo maker is to build a unique identity for the client, so whatever gimmick you might think will catch attention should be thrown out the window.

  1. Poor font choices.

Font is probably the most important decision in the logo’s design. The poor choice of font can instantly transform a respected brand into a global laughingstock. Adding to this mistake is using too many. It’s like showing somebody an entire photo album in one blow. Design experts say that a maximum of two fonts of different weights is the rule. This greatly enhances legibility and boosts brand recall.

  1. It relies on color for its identity.

Do not rely on color to build your identity. When designing, you should also consider how it will look if applied in black and white. This way, however your logo is printed, people will still recognize who you are. In fact, design experts say that color should be the last consideration during the design process. Creators should first work in black and white and then later build on the choice of shades.

  1. It uses stock images.

This is a common mistake of business owners that have their logos done by amateurs or just take stuff off the Internet without thought. Acquiring stock vectors off websites is not a crime, but it can potentially cause trouble for you in the future if you place it in your logo. In short, your logo should be original and unique — and the licensing agreement should be for the client ONLY. Another risk with using a stock image is that it may already be another company’s branding tool somewhere else in the world; thus, making you a copycat.

  1. It’s not professionally done.

The biggest and most painful mistake in logo design is that it is not done by a professional. Many business owners think that because a logo is small, it’s easy to make; so they just hire their friend’s son who dabbles in graphic design in exchange for a few bucks. A good logo is the result of careful planning, research, and creativity. These skills are not acquired out of the blue and take years of training and experience to perfect.

Hiring an established and professional logo creator ensures that you will not have any issues down the line. It also means that you will get a solid look that will last for many years without the need to redesign. Of course, the business owner’s input in the creation process is valuable. Because a logo is basically the first thing your market sees, you will need to make a strong and professional impact. This isn’t something your neighbor with a computer and Photoshop can do.