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4 Things Your Business Should STOP Doing On Social Media

Just because your business has an online presence, that doesn’t automatically mean that customers will be pouring in instantly. By being on the Internet, where everything is basically free for all, you have a larger responsibility to regulate each word that is posted on your site. If you are publicly known as the business’s owner, you are also challenged to post only things that will bring positive energy towards your brand and refrain from any unbecoming online behavior. When you are online, your business’s reputation can go from 10 to zero in just minutes.

Professional online marketers say these are the 4 things that you should stop or never do on social media.


  1. Never lie

When you market your products or services, it’s a given that you will highlight your best features without going into the nitty gritty details. Because social media opens up the channel of communication between the customer and the copmany, it is important that you always tell the truth. By building a foundation of trust, you create loyal following and a community of brand evangelists.


  1. Offend or argue with your customers

Not everybody will be happy with your brand — and that’s okay. Take the criticism as a way for you to make improvements. If you find people getting unreasonable with their social media posts, the first instinct would be to fight back and get cocky. Don’t. Do not get lured into the trap and engage in word war with trolls and embarrass yourself online. If trolls are hounding you, the best way to respond is by taking it with good humor and then dropping the topic altogether.


The same also goes with posting complaints ABOUT your customers. Not every new client will be familiar with your brand and, again, that’s all right. Use it as an opportunity to engage with your market so they understand better. Don’t go on social media posting screenshots of your conversations or saying bad stuff about your client (or your competitiors, for that matter). That kind of behavior only reflects your brand’s character. Nobody wants to deal with a whiner and a snitch.


  1. Spam

Social media spamming is one of the worst things your business can do online. This annoying practice will not only turn off potential customers, it will also get your website blacklisted. Instead, continue to provide engaging updates and quality content that people will want to click and see.


  1. Being too confident

So you posted a video that went viral last month? Great! But that doesn’t mean you should rest on your laurels and start relaxing. The point of a “virus” is that it is short-lived. Thus, your business will need to think of fresh ways to get your market’s attention if you want to continue thriving and surviving. Being too confident and not constantly updating and reaching out to your customers could be your brand’s downfall.

Social media engagement is a major part of a succesful marketing campaign. Thus, you must take care of how your business is perceived on the Internet, similar to how you protect your reputation in the brick-and-mortar world.