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4 Things You Can Do To Rank Higher In Local Searches

The website’s ranking is one of the top key performance indicators of a website. However, some businessmen tend to aim too high that they miss the target entirely. This is because what they should have done is to aim high but shoot low— as in, aim for a high rank, but shoot low and within the locality.

What Makes Local Searches Important in SEO?

Being part of the first page in the SERPs globally is a dream come true for many websites. In fact, it remains as the most coveted seat in the virtual land we know as the Internet. Unfortunately, the fact remains that only very few pages can reach this pinnacle and for just a limited period of time.

Because of this, SEO experts have diverted their attention to local searches. Although it may sound like it is easier to get into, SEO professionals explained that it is actually a bit tricky. Even so, the fact remains that a website that reaches the top spot for searches done within the vicinity of its business is bound to get new customers.

How To Rank High In Local Searches

Although it isn’t easy, ranking in local searches is not impossible. Far from it, in fact. If you are still confused as to how to go about on this, here are 4 things you should try to do to improve your local search ranking:

  1. Be Accurate and Consistent in Local Listings

Local listings provide the so-called “information trinity” that users need: the business name, address, and phone number. Known as the NAP for short, the accuracy and consistency of this information plays a critical role in ranking high in local listings. This is to ensure that users get the correct information and search engines see the exact same data across the worldwide web.

  1. Claim Your Rightful Spot in Google My Business

Google My Business is a massive directory that can make or break your chances of ranking high in local searches because it is run by the biggest search engine. Aside from being free, it lends a website with incredible exposure if it is optimized enough to get to the top three spots in Google’s search results.

It is also exclusive to your business address as the company performs verification by sending a postcard with a PIN that you can use to confirmed that the address is indeed your business’s physical location. It is through this verification process that your Google My Business listing is confirmed and that only the owner of the business can apply for this exclusive page.

  1. Get More Positive Reviews

It is no secret that most consumers turn to the Internet to check a company’s reputation and history with previous customers. Because of this, it is imperative for a website supporting a business to feature positive reviews as 84 percent of users trust these online comments as much as they would a personal recommendation.

  1. Pen A Blog

Blogging is a great SEO practice in general, but it can also be useful to boost a website’s position in in local search rankings. While it may take time to plan and create a blog, it is totally worth it. You see, blogs tend to engage customers by informing them about developments in a company. This includes new products or services as well as any important event that your business may be sponsoring. The bottom line is that a blog can be optimized for search engines as well and will, therefore, improve your website’s chances of being found in local listings.