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4 Digital Marketing Blunders You Should Never Make

Digital marketing is no longer just an adjunct to a full marketing campaign. What used to be a filler a few years ago is now a major element, if not the key player, in many advertising programs. This is because people now look to the Internet as a primary source of information. Everybody nowadays has at least one cell phone that’s connected to the Web. In fact, the world now revolves so much around the online world that businesses without an Internet presence cannot expect to thrive and survive.

Times have, indeed, changed. Now, digital marketing takes up a huge chunk of the advertising budget. While traditional platforms like TV, print, and radio still exist, sales teams pour most of their energies into getting online attention and even going viral. However, it’s not that easy to succeed in this realm. Often, digital marketers make little mistakes that can skew the public’s impression of a brand or a company. That instead of making a positive name for oneself, one tiny error that could have been easily swept under the rug is magnified a millionfold through social media “shares.”

Here are four digital marketing blunders that your business cannot afford to make.

  1. Don’t easily bite into shiny new apps

Most digital marketers make the mistake of creating content for a new trendy app without first understanding how it relates to the business. When Snapchat first came out, everybody was quick to jump into the bandwagon thinking that having an official account and posting some supposedly interesting snaps would be enough. There are plenty of these brands that post wayward updates on the likes of Periscope and Meerkat without thought about their relevance. The result is zero engagement. Worse, they become viral in negative and laughable ways.

  1. Don’t rely on social networks to do everything

Sure, your official social media account and sponsored posts promise exposure to 1 million viewers. However, that shouldn’t be the be-all-end-all of your campaign. Remember that every active Facebook, Twitter or Instagram user sees hundreds and thousands of posts on their timelines each day and it’s very easy to just scroll through yours without even blinking. You will be swimming in a sea of white noise. How will you rise above that and get noticed? That’s your true challenge.

  1. Don’t limit your efforts to just digital

The most successful online campaigns are not solely focused on the digital platform. Instead, they create a powerful digital spiel and back it up with actual events on location, TV placements, crowd campaigns, concerts, and more. While digital is the way to go, you simply cannot dismiss the power of traditional media to reinforce your online efforts. Take note that people are not on their laptops or phones 24/7. Be everywhere.

  1. Don’t overspend on tech

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, as the saying goes. The same applies to digital marketing. Spread your resources evenly to make sure that while the technology is robust, the people who are manning it are also happy where they are. Remember that the Internet is still driven by the people who write the content, create the designs, and post the social media updates. Invest in people. Spend money on talent.

Any business aspiring to be the best cannot survive without a solid digital marketing strategy, especially in this modern time. Whether you choose to just maintain a Facebook or Twitter account for now, or go all-out with a full-fledged digital campaign, the objective is to be everywhere people are looking. You need to get the customers’ attention to bring in sales for your brand — and today’s market is looking at his phone.