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3 Reasons Why You Need SEO In 2018 More Than Ever

SEO or search engine optimization is a science that experts employ to improve a website’s visibility online, particularly on the search engine results pages (SERPs). It is considered as the science of enhancing a page’s traffic, both quantitatively and qualitatively.

But while experts in the field consider it as a highly effective process, it is far from being an exact science. This is because SEO relies on the algorithm changes released in search engines like Google. According to the Internet giant, these updates are aimed at improving overall user experience by delivering top-quality websites that have the closest answer to queries typed into the search bar.

However, these same algorithm changes may also make webmasters and page administrators’ lives more difficult as they constantly need to change their SEO strategies to adapt to the latest trend. With that in mind, we have compiled 3 reasons why it is more important for you to understand the need for SEO in 2018.

1. Quality Over Quantity

Because SEO is meant to bring websites into page one of the search engine results, it is imperative to heed Google’s message as it is one of the biggest Internet companies: push for quality over quantity.

Over the years, the tech giant has made it a point to release algorithm updates that promote websites with better quality. At one point, they even started releasing algorithm updates like Panda and Penguin, both of which are specifically designed to reward pages that acknowledge the need to improve the quality of certain aspects of the pages. More recently, the company admitted to releasing unnamed updates but refused to identify what needs to be done for pages that experienced a decrease in traffic and reiterated that they only need to improve the quality of their websites.

2. Focus On Better User Experience

Over the years, bloggers, web administrators, and even some SEO professionals believed that Google is aiming to make their lives hell with the numerous algorithm updates it released. At some point, it would appear so as the massive amount of traffic used to be easily achieved by some websites has proven to be a thing of the past.

However, there are still experts who believe that what Google wants is not to make SEO more difficult, but to render users’ search engine experience a lot better. Because of this, SEO in 2018 becomes even more important as the year is filled with user experience-centric updates ahead.

Among these improvements include optimization for voice search by aiming to answer queries and addressing its purpose rather than merely including general keywords that users may search for online.

3. Google’s New SERP Features: Quick Answers and Featured Snippets


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The emergence of Google’s newest addition to the SERPs has proven to be quite an obstacle for many websites, especially when it comes to their click-through rate. However, experts see them as an opportunity to gain more traffic in 2018 as both features are now dominating page one of a majority of Google’s search engine results. Both Quick Answers and Featured Snippets are considered as a way to show users the tip of the iceberg of information presented in top-ranked pages.

If a website is added to them, there is a bigger chance that users click-through, thereby bringing more traffic to the website. This is especially true if the user found the information they read useful and would want to see the rest of the iceberg, so to speak.

With users seeking more information, it has become more important for businesses and blogs to have optimized content. After all, content has been the core of SEO and a website wouldn’t be anywhere— not even in Google’s page 10— if it doesn’t have any useful information to impart to Google’s bread and butter: the users.