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2017 Web Design Trends: What Will Define Design

2017 has come and we are already in the middle of February. Time flies when we’re having fun, huh? As we move more into 2017 and I see some of the web design trends that are happening before my eyes, I figured I would take some time this evening to blog about what’s going on. I have compiled a lot of my research from Webflow, which is a terrific blog that I follow weekly. I hope this sheds some light on the current web design trends of what to expect in this fine year, 2017.

1. Content favored layouts

When I refer to content favored layouts, what I mean is a design that allows the reader to easily concentrate and see the message without too much distraction slowing them down. We are seeing a huge shift in the way websites are being designed and laid out from 2016 moving into 2017. Design that is well thought out and content that shines in that very design is heavily favored. Designers all over the world are starting to see that people are visiting their websites for the content more than the design itself. Content packed websites that are well designed to feature and “show off” that content will thrive in 2017.

We are seeing a lot more minimalistic and “flat” designs that allow the content to shine more and more and keep the reader focused on the important message, the content itself. Across the world wide web, we are seeing more websites with less flash and pizazz and more relevantly written content. Designers are realizing more and more that content is the heart of designs and is what drives traffic through the roof in many cases.

2. Better communication & teamwork

As 2017 moves on, we are seeing more and more businesses promote their design in a more influential way. Designers are working hand-in-hand with other designers and developers to make a project really shine. Projects are becoming bigger and more complex in 2017. The days of a web designer taking a project and finishing that same project him or herself from scratch may be diminishing. Collaborative efforts and working together in this industry will become more and more common and almost become a necessity as we move forward this year. What we are seeing is designers handing off projects to developers and thus making projects more collaborative and team-driven.

3. Better flow from design to development

In the past, designers were known for crafting beautiful masterpieces and passing these static images and designs off to the developers to bring the projects to life, per say. Designers will begin to bring projects to life more and more before passing projects off to the development team.

4. Bigger, bolder, better typeface

Remember number one, regarding content and how it’s driving more and more designs? With that being said, more and more websites are featuring bigger, in-your-face, bolder headlines and text. Often times in 2017, we are seeing writing that is set in type that’s just as big and bold as the content written itself. Not only does bigger, bolder, better typeface refer to big, fat, bold text, but more in the sense of taking up more screen real estate. Big, take-up-the-screen writing is becoming more and more popular as we move into the future. Content writers are getting their point across quickly and immediately as users land on websites to navigate their way around. The statements being made in this typeface are usually clear and to the point and get the message across well. Considering we live in such a busy world where everybody is rushing and on the move, powerful messages that are in your face upon landing will become the go-to method in 2017.

5. A mobile-first approach

Mobile-first design is starting with the small screen in mind first and moving towards the desktop or laptop viewport last. By starting with the smallest viewport first, designs are becoming faster, more light-weight and easier to navigate. In 2017, we will see more of this happening with designers and developers alike. This style of design is certainly not new. It has been around for a while. In 2017, we will see more people adopting this style. Mobile phones have recently been named the primary devices used for navigating the world wide web in America and the United Kingdom. More and more businesses are starting to realize the seriousness of having a website that delivers a brilliant small screen experience. By adopting this style, brands are able to really get their message across to the end-user and communicate it very effectively. No longer will mobile-first design be an afterthought in the design process. Watch for this shifting trend in 2017.

6. Responsive-based websites everywhere

Although I have been designing responsively for over five years now, there are still companies and web designers out there that are not adapting their main design, through CSS, to the smaller viewports. Responsive design is basically an approach to web design that uses CSS media queries and grid layouts which adjusts its content to display properly depending on the end-user’s device (mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop, etc…). Companies no longer have to pay for multiple site builds, but rather pay one project fee for a design that stretches across all screen sizes and devices. Even though this is not new to 2017, we will see more and more companies and websites adapting to this one-size-fits-all style of web design and development.

7. Better photography and photos

In 2017, we will see designers choosing better photography and better image visuals for their web designs. The hiring of professional photographers and incorporating them into web design projects will be on the rise. Crappy stock photography will continue to be huge out there on the web, but as we move more into 2017, plan on seeing it fall off a little bit and be replaced with authentic, beautiful imagery.

8. The year of the video

Have you noticed the absolute explosion of video on the web when you navigate to a website? If a picture can paint a thousand words, then a video can paint a million. Videos are great for story-telling, marketing and more. Videos have several advantages over traditional static imagery. Video is extremely dynamic when it comes to appealing to the end-user through sound and movement, holding their attention much longer. Video is already huge on the web. In 2017, it will continue to dominate and become more and more widespread. Just look at all the live-streaming sources that came out in 2016. There is a tremendous demand for people viewing videos and producing their own as well.

There are many ‘trends’ happening within the web design world. Although we have not covered many, we believe the ones above will be the most important in 2017. It’s extremely beneficial to all web designers and industry members to know what’s going on in our industry and see where we can improve on our website designs. Let’s continue to progress and grow as we move forward in 2017!

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